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What to pack for Iceland in June?

Are you heading to Iceland in June? Are you wondering what to pack?
I’m going to give you a big headache! Pack everything and be prepared for EVERYTHING! Iceland is the most unpredictable country on the planet. No joke! It all depends on the mood of the Icelandic gods Thor and Odinn. You very often experience all four seasons in one day. Sometimes twice a day.

But I’m going to cheer you up a bit. There is a 90% chance that you don’t need thick mittens, scarf or snow pants. Still, it depends a bit on where you are planning to go. If you plan on a glacier, you will need all of this with you. Prepare for heavy rain. It could even rain every day. And it’s also possible you won’t see a single drop. I know! Icelandic weather can be unbearable! How do you think it is living here??

Anyway. June is a bit of a spring/summer month. One year it can be the best month of the year, and the next 10 summers it can be the worst month of the year. But usually there is a middle ground there. As the past 7 years have been, this has been a rainy month yet still warm.

I’m going to make a list of everything that is best to pack for Iceland in June.

• Hiking shoes
• Hiking boots
• Rain pants
• Rain jacket
• Windbreaker
• Parka
• Mittens
• Scarf
• Wooly hat
• Headband
• Warm socks and extra socks
• Good base layers
• Swimwear and towels
• Mosquito net
• Camera
• Sunscreen
• Backpack and umbrella
• Hiking pants

What to wear in Iceland in June

Pack hiking shoes or hiking boots when visiting Iceland

Hiking shoes or hiking boots

You don’t go to Iceland unless you bring hiking shoes. Not unless you plan to hang out in your hotel room the whole trip. You are probably going to explore Icelandic nature and you need good shoes to do so. It‘s best to bring waterproof shoes as it will probably rain.

I still recommend taking 2 sets of shoes. Waterproof shoes and good hiking shoes. If you are going mountain hiking, you will of course need hiking boots.
It‘s totally unnecessary to bringsnow boots unless you are going up on a glacier. Still, there it might be enough to bring your hiking shoes and warm socks.
You can also buy good quality shoes in Iceland, for example at 66 norður, Ice Wear, Cintamani or Zo-On.

Pack rain pants and rain jacket when visiting Iceland

Rain pants and rain jacket
This is simply inevitable if you want to enjoy the outdoors in Icelandic nature. It will rain and you want to be prepared for it. It‘s just the worst beingsoaking wet and cold during your vacation, exploring the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a little wet in warm climates, but that rarely happens in Iceland. Don‘t come to Iceland without a pair of rain pants. Not unless you plan to buy them in Iceland. 66 66 norður, Ice Wear, Cintamani and Zo-On these type of pants. These are all Icelandic clothing labels. 66 norður is Iceland’s oldest clothing brand and by far the best.

The same can be said of raincoats. You‘re a dork if you come to Iceland unprepared. You don’t want to hang out in the car while everyone else is outside. Bring a rain jacket or buy one in Iceland.

Parka from 66 north - Iceland


This is not necessary to pack for Iceland in June. Not unless you are going up on a glacier to have fun. And not even then. It still depends a bit on the year. There could be a major snowstorm up on the glaciers in June. Still, it´s not very likely. If you are going to try some winter sports such as snowmobiling, ice caving, glacier hiking or glacier climbing, bring a warm jacket with you. You never know what to expect in Iceland.

Mitten comes in handy when travelling to Iceland


Mittens come in handy. Especially if you are going up on glaciers in Iceland. They can also come in handy in cold June rain in Iceland. I recommend bringing mittens whether you are going up on a glacier or going up to the highlands. If you are just going to be in Reykjavik, then you may not need mittens.


I wouldn’t say there is a need for a scarf in June in Iceland. Not even if you go up on a glacier. This is more necessary during the winter months in extreme cold.

I wouldn't say there is a need for a scarf in June in Iceland.

Wooly hat and headband

Noquestion! You may need a hat in almost every situation in Iceland in June. Whether you are on a glacier, up on the highland, on a day trip or hanging out in Reykjavik, you will probably need a hat. We are used to heavy and cold winds here and cold rains can follow that. Every Icelander owns a hat and uses them in June.
A headband can also be enough. I would still rather wear a hat. A hat is a safer bet. You can also buy hats in Iceland. All Icelandic brands make hats. 66 norður, Cintamani, Ice Wear and Zo-On.

Warm socks and extra socks

This is no question. Bring warm socks and an extra pair to change into. Bring loads of extra pairs of socks. You will need to change socks, especially if you‘re going to the country, up on a glacier, snowmobiling, mountain hiking, out in the rain or to ice caves. There‘s too much water in Iceland. You will get to experience that too 😊

Bring good base layer when travelling to Iceland

Good base layers

Bring good base layers. Don’t expect it to be warm in Iceland in June. Strong winds can cool a person down very quickly. Take both top and bottom layers. If you are heading up to the highlands or a glacier, this is a must have. You can buy baselayers from Icelandic brands such as 66 norður, who are by far the best, Cintamani, Ice Wear and Zo-On.

Swimwear and towel

You just don’t go to Iceland unless you bathe in geothermal waters. Iceland is famous for all its geothermal hot water and you must try a natural pool. There are many of those all around Iceland that you don‘t have to pay for. They can still be full of people. Blue Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Krauma, the sea baths in Húsavík and the blue lagoon at Mývatn are the most famous nature pools in Iceland. There are also about 20 swimming pools in Reykjavik.

Mosquito net

Yes! There are plenty of mosquitoes in Iceland. They are mostly found where there is a lot of water. By lakes, waterfalls and rivers. But only when it‘s still and sunny. If it‘s raining, you‘ll be rid of them. They tend to bite you.

Capture all your memories on Iceland


Don’t you want to photograph Iceland’s most beautiful natural wonders? Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Black Sand Beach, Gullfoss, Geysir, all the glaciers and the volcanos. This you‘ll want a photo of.
A good camera phone can work perfectly well!


Yes you read that correctly. You never know what to expect in Iceland, especially in the month of June.It could be sunny and 25 degrees Celsius.

Waterproof backpack is a good idea when travelling to Iceland

A backpack with a waterproof cover

For storing extra socks, extra shirt, water bottle because you can get free water everywhere in Iceland. The tap water, the water in the rivers or lakes is exactly the same as you buy expensively in the shops. Also bring a cover for the backpack in case it rains.

Hiking pants

This is an absolute must. You are going to be out in nature and it‘s good to wear light outdoor pants. Especially if you are going up to the highlands or mountain hiking. Even better if they‘re water resilient.

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