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What to do in Iceland In Winter

Planning a trip to Iceland to spend your winter holiday and you’re wondering what you will be doing there? Most people think going to Iceland during winter is a crazy idea. And when you mention the fact that you going on a vacation to Iceland in winter season they give you an awkward look that says “are you okay” even without voicing it out.

You shouldn’t be surprised when you get such a look because people think that Iceland is always very cold, then how much more during winter. But even if the country is called Iceland, it is not as cold as people think it is.

Summer seems to be the best time to visit Iceland but don’t be fooled because it is also very exciting during winter. The winter season is always between November to April and you will expect to see lots of snow and ice on the road, but it doesn’t stop the people of Iceland from having fun during this season. There are lots of activities that happen in Iceland during winter asides from sightseeing, so don’t let anyone discourage you from visiting them during winter.
In this article, we will take a look at some of the very exciting things that you can do in Iceland during winter.

See the northern lights Iceland - Iceland Winter Time

See the northern lights

The northern lights are one of the many reasons why people love to visit Iceland during winter. The feeling is magical and the view is heavenly. The northern light which is also known as aurora is the most amazing thing you would ever see. It is believed that it is caused by the sun’s particles that entered into the earth’s atmosphere which resulted in a ballet that dances at night in the sky. These things are only visible at night, and winter happens to be the perfect time to watch it because during winter the daylight hours will greatly reduce.
People never get tired of going to see the northern lights because the view is amazing, imagine when you see lights dancing across the sky in different colors ranging from purple, white, green and pink. It is one moment you wouldn’t want to miss.
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Ice Cave Tour Iceland - What to do in Iceland in Winter Time

Ice cave tour

The ice cave is another exciting thing to see in Iceland in winter. The cave forms only during winter and melts away during summer. Touring the cave is not something you can do on your own because while it seems smooth from a distance, getting closer to the cave it is not as smooth as it seems. And being a visitor it is important you go along with a tour guide that will take you around the cave. The cave is icy blue and its something you have probably never seen before. It is a once in a lifetime beautiful experience. one that you will never forget in a hurry. You should know that the ice cave is usually crowded during the winter season, so you need to book a tour.
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Go skiing

You can’t leave the shores of Iceland without going skiing. It is a popular activity in Iceland and the people have embraced it as part of their culture. Although the ski areas are not big and mountains aren’t high, still it is one of the most amazing experiences you would have in Iceland. There are lots of skiing areas in Iceland, some places are family-friendly, some places are meant for beginners. Then if you want more action, you can go skiing at Akureyri, the capital of the North, it has an amazing ski area and the city itself is amazing. With the various ski areas to choose from, skiing in Iceland will be so much fun in winter.

Hike to the hot spring Iceland

Hike to the hot spring

Hiking is another fun activity in Iceland. And winter is the perfect time to visit the geothermal pools and the hot spring in Iceland. Visiting the hot spring in Reykjadalur is the best way to spend half of your day. Hiking up to the valley where the river meets with the hot spring and you will get the right temperature to have a bath. There is various local pool where you can hike to in Iceland. And if you happen to go hiking at night, the best place you can visit is the hot spring. You can go take a bath there in the evening when you can spot the northern light as you enjoy floating in the warm water of the hot spring.
After hiking all day, the pool is the best way to go release tension, relax your tired legs and your body.

Reykjavík Food and drink tour - Iceland

Food and drink tour

During winter, the nights get longer in winter, the temperature drops, and the atmosphere changes. It is that time of the year when you remain cozy indoors. The bars become cozier with wonderful decorations. After touring around the city, there is no better way to end your day than visiting the bar to have a taste of their cocktail and beer. You can also have a taste of their food which is mostly seafood and fresh ingredients. You can take a tour of their classic restaurant, their food market, and their local seafood delicacies. The food and drinks in Iceland are delicious and you will always dream about it. Eat good food and have fun in Iceland.
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Go on a jeep tour

Driving around in Iceland in winter is quite difficult considering the snowy roads. And if you are not conversant with the area, it makes driving more difficult for you. But Iceland has made it easier for you by giving you a jeep you can hire and go on a tour in. So if you want to go on a tour, it is better you go on a jeep tour. Preferably, you can go with your family on the jeep tour because it is much more fun going with friends and family on a road trip in the jeep and you will be rest assured that even the snow cannot stop your fun. Iceland has some super jeeps that you can use in exploring places that you cannot visit in an ordinary car. Use the jeep and explore lots of beautiful places in Iceland and your visit will never be in vain.

Glacier Hiking Iceland - Iceland Winter Time

Glacier hiking

The country of Iceland has various glaciers that you can go hiking. Some glaciers are easily accessible, while some are difficult to reach. Ice hiking during winter is always fun but you need to go hiking with clothes and boots that will make you warm, even if it feels like the day will be warm. While going on the hiking tour, your tour guide will provide you with a crampon that you can attach to your boots so you can easily get a grip on the snow-ice. This glacier happens to be thick ice that can’t melt even in summer, the ice is thick on the mountain. During winter, it is always covered in snow so it is better to go with a tour guide that knows the mountain very well so you don’t fall because the ice is not smooth.
The glaciers keep creating some incredible landscape as they keep melting and spreading. The glacier hiking tour allows you to see wonderful places that are not found anywhere else. You can also try glacier climbing using an ice axe.
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One with dinner at the Viking house.
One with dinner at the Skyr factory.

Dogsledding in Iceland

This is particularly meant for mature dog lovers. You wouldn’t want to miss out on dogsledding activities as you will get the opportunity to explore Iceland’s icy landscapes from behind a dogsled. You can decide to go on a 2-4 people, two hours tour using a Nigerian husky dog that doesn’t run out of energy. The dogs are led in a sled, and each sled contains six to eight dogs and it is controlled by a musher. Your musher is always ready to show you the basics of dogsledding and it is perfect for a family outing. And if you love adventures and like to do something different, then it is perfect for you.

Snowmobiling in Iceland

The snowmobiling tour is always available every year. And if you are lucky you will get a snowmobile tour guide that will include an extra hour of snowmobile where you will be allowed to race over the snowy plain. You would go high up on the glaciers and have a wonderful view, especially on clear days. If you want a little bit of action during your visit to Iceland and a pump of adrenaline, then snowmobiling is the best activity for you. You can also take it slow if you wish because you are always in control of your snowmobile. It is a perfect way to see a winter wonderland, explore the top of a glacier, and at the same time, have lots of fun.

New year’s eve in Iceland

If you would be staying in Iceland until the new year, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on their new year’s activities. Most Icelanders always gather together with their friends and family in New Year’s eve to have dinner together, and afterward, they go out for a bonfire night around the city. There’s always lots of fireworks on every street in the city and the sight is always amazing. You can never be bored in Iceland in new year’s eve. Join Icelanders to have a get together indoors, watch comedy shows, and have a night load of fun.

Snowboarding in Iceland

Snowboarding is not very popular in Iceland as people feel there isn’t always enough snow. The snow doesn’t last in Iceland, it melts away after a few days due to the country’s temperate weather. And sometimes the weather is too bad. But that doesn’t stop the people because there are still lots of ski resorts that you can go snowboarding and skiing. Although it might be quite expensive, there are some that will still fit into your budget.

Go partying

Iceland has loads of activities in queue during the winter season and partying us definitely one of them. Its nightlife is always amazing with events like food and fun, Iceland airwaves, design matches, etc. All these events are to be enjoyed during winter in Iceland. Knowing that the night comes a bit early, Icelanders take advantage of this to have so much fun. So if you love to party, you will never be bored in Iceland. Because there is always somewhere to go party. put on your party dress and step out for a night of party.

Snowball fight

There are times when you don’t want to feel like an adult, and all you want is to bring out the child in you. Although snows are unpredictable, if you go farther north, you will discover some snow-like balls that you can use in playing around, or build a snowman from it. This can be done with friends and family. You can start a snowball fight and have fun until you are exhausted.

Go sightseeing

Your stay in Iceland cannot be complete without visiting the most popular places in Iceland. Therefore, sightseeing is a must. Winter happens to be the best time to visit some popular places like witnessing the contrasting landscape in action, visit the waterfalls in icy armor, national park, museum, cafes, boutiques, and beautiful architectural designs. These are places that you would like to take a picture in, for future purposes.

The winter season in Iceland is filled with so much fun. Never forget to take lovely photos because the Arctic winter light seems to be special and the twilight is perfect for taking a shot. And every exciting place you visit is perfect for photoshoots. Going on a vacation in Iceland during winter isn’t what you would want to miss. So if you are still contemplating, make up your mind now and go have a feel of Iceland and also have fun with the beautiful people in Iceland. You will have a lot of stories to tell at the end of your stay and you will wish your vacation never ends.
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