Volcano and craters helicopter tour from Reykjavik


60-75 minutes



Starting Time

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Landing on the volcano



This is what you get

✅ Experience Iceland from above & without the hassle of hiking to the volcanoes & craters 💯
✅ You get to see all the new volcanic area that has been forming in last 4 years 💯
✅ This is a semi private tour with maximum 6 person 💯
✅ Fly over Reykjanes Peninsula, see new and old craters & possibly a live volcano eruption(if there is one active) 💯
✅ You get to land on the volcano area where it has been erupting in the last 4 years & touch the newly formed lava fields 💯
✅ This is a small family owned company & everyone are here to make your experience the best possible! 🙏


  • Volcano in Iceland
  • Craters in Iceland
  • Helicopter view
  • Landing on a volcano
We are a small family company in Iceland, that focuses just as much on the experience of the guide, as much as seeing the great nature phenomenas you are there to see.
An elite guide can make your tour/experience 100% better!

Iceland is one big active volcano & on this tour you get to fly over and experience the most recent activity and possibly see a live volcano eruption.

How it works

  • You will meet your pilot at our headquarters at an hour which you will be informed early on same day. But departures are in the afternoon. There is no fixed departure so you will be informed early in the morning.
  • After meeting with the pilot and friendly team at the office, you will hop on board of one of our helicopters.
  • You will see all Reykjavik region from the air & fly over to Reykjanes Peninsula where the volcano activity is and has been taking place.
  • You will start with a sightseeing over the newest volcano area before you land on top of the area.
  • After landing, there will be a 15 minutes stop there so you can walk around a little bit, take photos & touch the newly formed lava fields.
  • After this there will be a little extra sightseeing from air over Krýsuvík & Kleifarvatn area.
  • This tour is about 60 – 75 minutes long.
    What a day!

If you are wondering how to dress for this activity, it’s always safe to bring rain gear, hat and gloves.

In winter, bring rain gear and also warm clothes, hat, and gloves.

What else to bring? Sunglasses! If there will be sun, you will want to have it.
Don’t forget to bring your best mood and smile 🙂

Please note

After submitting the booking we will inform you about the exact starting time for the tour. We will ask for additional information.

If you can kindly provide us your:
Phone number
Approx. weight on each passenger.

Please note that this tour is weather dependent and if the weather forecast is not looking promising at the time of your booked tour we always try to:
A) Try to change the time on the same day (e.g. go in the afternoon instead of the morning).
B) Offer you to go on a different date (e.g. they day before or the day after).
C) If we are fully booked and can not offer options A and B we always give a full refund!

We look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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