The best of Reykjavik: Sky Lagoon, Distillery and food tour


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Beer tasting & lunch, Icelandic chocolate, Icelandic delicacies, Rye bread ice cream, Sky Lagoon admission, Whiskey distillery tour, Free wifi

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What to expect on this tour

✅ Taste many of Reykjaviks most popular delicacies so you will not miss out of all the best it has to offer.

✅ If you are a real food enthusiast, then you do not want to miss out on this tour.

✅ For lunch you have the latest catch of the day. Fresh and fished by Icelandic fishermen.

✅ Have you been to Iceland if you haven´t tried their most popular beers? Do not leave without tasting them.

✅ Every food lover, is a chocolate lover.  Visit our Reykjavik tours and decide A food tour is not a food tour without a taste of a local chocolate.

✅ You will love this one. A rye bread ice cream. One of the most popular ones by travellers. BIG MUST!

Iceland has only one Whiskey distillery. This one is it. Try some of their products before you soak in Sky Lagoon

Make sure to bring your phone for this. You will want to take picture of this place. But first, enjoy this. This place is something else.


Reykjavik is Iceland´s only city. The rest are mere towns. Reykjavik is a vibrant city with countless restaurants, museums, stores, bars, clubs, galleries and swimming pools. The city truly gives off the vibe of a cosmopolitan city of millions although its inhabitants are just around a 100 thousand people. On this Reykjavik city walk you will taste all the best of what the capital of Iceland has to offer, including all the local food and drinks.

Reykjavik Outventure specializes in small group tours with food experiences. We have put together the perfect tour for you to get the most out of your stay here in Iceland. Come and join us on this 3-4 hour half day tour around Reykjavik. Visit all the gems it has and taste authentic food. Dine out by the old harbour while having Icelandic fish, tasting Icelandic beers and making new friends.  Make sure you do not miss out on this one.

Reykjavík City Tour Description

Meet your awesome guide outside of the entrance of Hallgrimskirkja church at 11:00. Start this tour by this marvellous cathedral and the greatest one in Iceland.

From there you will begin the delicious foodie part of this tour. Go on and have rye-bread ice cream, fish stew, arctic charr, shark, Icelandic spirit and so much more.
Make a stop by our most famous bakery and try authentic pastry which we in Iceland call ,,Hjónabandasæla” or in English ,,Happy marriage cake”.
Fall in love with their best cinnamon roll like every other person that tries it.

Walk down to the pond which used to be connected to the ocean and experience the wild birdlife of Reykjavik in the middle of a city.

Sit down by the old harbour and have the catch of the day, wine and few local beers.

End the tour at the Icelandic chocolate factory for some presentation and chocolate tasting.
We sure hope to see you!

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7 hours


Beer tasting and lunch, Icelandic chocolate, Icelandic delicacies, Rye bread ice cream, Sky Lagoon admission, Whiskey distillery tour, Free wifi




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