Private Northern Lights tour with hot chocolate and cinnamon buns

What to expect on this tour

See the Northern Lights dance

Experienced private local guide

Homemade hot chocolate made by Johann

Have a taste of the best cinnamon buns in the world


  • Northern Lights
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cinnamon buns
  • Private tour

Iceland is the home of the gods Thor and Odinn. They are the ones who have created the beautiful nature of Iceland, they are the ones that make the Greek goddess ,,Aurora” dance all around the sky, they are the ones that bring joy and all the enjoyable weather in Iceland.
They use the eruptions happening on our Sun to create these magical lights.

Reykjavik Outventure is a small family owned operator with huge heart which creates high quality experiences for tourists. We specialise in private tours where the guests get to taste things and visit places they would usually not do except with a local guide.
Reykjavik Outventure’s team consists of experienced local guides who are here to make your days the best possible. Seeing the Northern Lights with an experienced private local guide is the best way to see them. You will be served homemade hot chocolate made by Johann and the cinnamon buns from Icelands best bakery ,,Braud & Co”.

Tour Description

Do you ever wonder what the Vikings were thinking when they were settling in Iceland about 1.200 years ago? Seeing some green, purple and red lights in the sky! It is no wonder why the Vikings believed so strongly in these gods like Thor, Odinn and Freyja.

You will be picked up from a place of your choice in Reykjavik or in closest towns.
From there you will head to a place where there is the best place to see the lights and try to find a quiet place.

After this, we have to believe that Aurora will show up in Iceland. The conditions have to be good. Clear sky or a gap in the clouds. In most cases we do see the lights when we see the stars.

You will be served hot homemade chocolate with cinnamon buns from the bakery Brauðog Co.

Pick up is usually around 21:00 giver or take 30 minutes.
In the winter, the lights can really often appear around 22:00. So it will be best to be there early so you do not miss anything.

Tour Details


3-5 hours


Spanish, English

Meeting point:

Pick up




22nd of august - 23th of April


Cinnamon buns, Hot chocolate, Free wifi, Hotel pick up




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Every day


3-5 hours



Meeting point

Pick up


Cinnamon buns, Hot chocolate, Free wifi, Hotel pick up


Spanish, English


22nd of august – 23th of April


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