Private Diamond Circle tour from Akureyri


10 hours




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What to expect on this awesome tour

✅ You will get to explore some of the most stunning places in Iceland on this tour that very few get to see that visit Iceland.

✅ You get to hike down to one of Icelands hidden gems, which is Aldeyjarfoss, and feel all of its power right next to you.

✅ Yo get to see the largest waterfall in Europe on this tour and see how the glacial water has formed the huge canyon it runs into.

✅ You get to do this all on your own pace because this is your private tour.

✅ This is a family company and everyone involved with this tour has only one interest at heart, and that´s to make your day the best possible.


  • Aldeyjarfoss waterfall
  • Dettifoss waterfall
  • Myvatn
  • Dimmuborgir
  • Asbyrgi canyon
  • Namuskord hot springs
  • Selfoss waterfall

Everything you have heard about Iceland is true. Arriving in Iceland is like coming to a different planet. A surreal environment with big glaciers sitting on top of volcanoes, black sand beaches or volcanic lava fields spread all over the place. What makes it even more surreal is the green moss casually resting on top of the lava.

Sometimes you simply get goosebumps when seeing all of this. The Diamond Circle of Iceland covers a lot of what Iceland has to offer. Magnificent waterfalls streaming from the glaciers, surreal lava fields, craters, and so much more.

Reykjavik Outventure is a family-owned company with huge heart which creates high-quality experiences for tourists. We specialize in private tours where the guests get to visit places they would usually not do except with a local guide.
Reykjavik Outventure’s team consists of many of the best guides in Iceland who are here to make your days the best possible.

Our private Diamond Circle tour promises to be an awe-inspiring, fun, and exciting experience. Our guide will amuse you with fascinating stories, local legends, and interesting facts to make this epic adventure through Iceland’s Diamond Circle an unforgettable adventure.

The Diamond Circle is renowned for its pristine beauty, one of which is the magnificent and powerful Dettifoss waterfall. The loudest cascading waters plunge into a dramatic gorge, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Feel the mist on your face as you stand in awe of the roaring cascades, a true testament to the raw force of nature.

Next, brace yourself for the exhilarating experience of witnessing the bubbling mud pots and steaming geothermal areas. Be amazed by the otherworldly landscapes, including the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall, the Selfoss waterfall, and the horse-shaped Asbyrgi canyon.

As we continue, prepare to be awestruck by the tranquil beauty of Lake Myvatn, surrounded by picturesque Dimmuborgir lava formations and teeming birdlife. Take a moment to soak in the serenity and tranquility of this breathtaking place.

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Parking Fee, Free wifi, Hotel pick up




All Year


10 hours




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