Small group Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon & Kerid crater

Join us for a small group tour traveling the Golden Circle and Blue lagoon in one day!


11 hours



Starting Time



Kerid admission, Blue Lagoon comfort admission




✅ You get the chance to make most of your stay here in Iceland, by visiting both Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle in one day! 💯
✅ You get 1 extra stop on the Golden Circle tour, which is Kerid volcanic crater 💯
✅ This is a small group tour, so you will get a more personal experience and explore Iceland in a more enjoyable way 💯
✅ See the Geyser erupt, visit the historical and beautiful Thingvellir & bathe in blue hot water surrounded by surreal lava fields 💯
✅ You can be picked up from your accommodation in Reykjavik or closest bus stop 💯
✅ This is a small family owned company & everyone are here to make your experience the best possible! 🙏


  • Bus to Thingvellir
  • Kerid crater
  • Geysir
  • Gullfoss waterfall iceland
  • Blue Lagoon
We are a small family company in Iceland, that focuses just as much on the experience of the guide, as much as seeing the great nature phenomenas you are there to see.
An elite guide can make your tour/experience 100% better!

Golden Circle has everything Iceland has to offer. Well, almost! 

The only thing missing are glaciers.
But hot springs, lava, waterfalls, geyser & plate tectonics in Iceland. 

How it works

  • Your awesome guide will pick you up from your bus stop or accommodation between 08:30 and 09:00.
  • From there, you will head out for your the Golden Circle tour Iceland.
  • First stop will be Thingvellir national park tectonic plates. There you will be able to walk through the park, in-between the two continents of Europe & North America & learn a lot about the history of Iceland.
  • Next stop is Geysir. There you will find the King of all Geysers. This nature phenomena “a geyser” gets its name from this one.
  • Next is Gullfoss waterfall Iceland. “Gull” in Gullfoss means “gold”. The name of Golden Circle gets the origin from this waterfall.
  • A stop for lunch will be made on the route, but the lunch is not included in the price.
  • Next stop is Kerid volcanic crater. Surrounded by lava red lava.
  • Next is what everyone have been waiting for! Blue Lagoon is next. You get the Comfort package there. You get 2 hours inside the lagoon.
  • This is the last stop before heading back to Reykjavik.
    What a day!

If you are wondering how to dress for this activity, it’s always safe to bring rain gear, hat and gloves.

In winter, bring rain gear and also warm clothes, hat, and gloves.

What to bring for Blue Lagoon? It’s enough to bring swim suit.

What is included in Blue Lagoon comfort package? 1 drink, towel, silica mud mask & admission for Blue Lagoon.

We look forward to seeing you on the tour!

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