If there is one thing your bucket list needs to have, it should be exploring the hidden gems in Iceland. There is more to Iceland than the glaciers and auroras. Iceland has beautiful sceneries, cultures and natural wonders worth sightseeing. Not only are there a limited and less number of tourists there, but these areas are a sight to behold. The hidden gems in Iceland are some of its top attractions. These hidden gems in Iceland will leave your mind blown.

This article will serve as a guide to explore and uncover these hidden gems in the land of fire and ice.

    1. Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss, also known as “land of waterfalls” is located between the towns of Hella and Vik. It is a waterfall in the Southern region of Iceland. While driving along the Ring Road, it is one of the attractions you see. The water goes down from an overhanging cliff. It comes from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano glacier and runs into the Seljalandsa River. The waterfall is 60m high (197ft). One of the best times to visit Seljalandsfoss is during the summer. This way you get to walk behind the waterfall and take in the scenery. Ensure you wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes as the path can be muddy and slippery.  To get to Seljalandsfoss, you can either take a bus from Reykjavik or follow the ring road eastwards to see Skogafoss. The waterfall is about a 2 hours drive from Reykjavik.


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    1. Skogafoss

Did you know that the cliffs at Skogafoss used to be sea cliffs? It is also the location used for filming Thor and other famous TV shows. Skogafoss is on the south coast of Iceland and it is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. The word Skogafoss means “forest waterfall”. The waterfall is 60m (200 ft)high and 25m wide (82 ft). It has a staircase (almost 500 steps) that allows you to see the amazing scenery of Iceland’s South Coast. In under 2 hours, you can get to Skogafoss from Reykjavik. Although you can visit Skogafoss any time of the year, it is best to be careful during the winter as the waterfall can get snowed in. When this happens, the base of the waterfall is always slippery. Right after exploring Skogafoss waterfall, you can lodge in any of the accommodations and enjoy the view.


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    1. Gljufrabui Waterfall

Also known as “gorge dweller”, the waterfall comes from a river. It is one of the hidden gems in Iceland located close to Seljalandfoss. It takes about 2 hours to get to this waterfall from Reykjavik. The waterfall falls from a concave cliff and this allows visitors to wade into the gorge below. It looks like a canyon in a cave. It is advisable to take instructions from your tour guide to avoid falling rocks. The Gljufrabui waterfall is one of the most photographed places in the country. The waterfall is a magical experience that is open to the public all year long. However, the best time to visit Gljufrabui waterfall is during the summer. You can join a small tour group and explore the Gljufrabui Waterfall and Seljalandsfoss all on the same day.

Gljufrabui Waterfall
    1. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach 

The sand in the Reynisfjara black sand beach is coloured from the black volcanic rock when the lava cools down and solidifies. Although the water offers one of Iceland’s best sceneries, it is dangerous to swim in it. This is because it has strong currents and powerful waves which can sweep a person into the sea. This black sand beach found on the south coast of Iceland is best explored from a distance. The best way to get to this island is through a guided tour. This way you can avoid how dangerous the roads get due to the unpredictable weather.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach 

Check one of a couple of trips to the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

    1. Katla Ice Cave 

To explore the Katla Ice Cave, you will need sturdy boots and warm clothes. The name Katla originates from a sorceress in Icelandic mythology. The Katla Ice cave is a significant location shown in Game of Thrones (Dragonglass cave)The black cave is located below a volcano. It has huge ash clouds and in the daytime, the Ice Cave is a combination of colours. The distinctive colours in the cave are violet, white and blue due to the presence of sunlight in the cave. While other caves in Iceland are accessible between November and March, the Katla Ice Cave is open during the summer.

Katla Ice Cave 

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    1. Northern Lights 

Northern lights are one of the hidden gems in Iceland because each one is unique. They also constantly change shapes. The solar wind causes the Northern lights in Iceland. It stems from an interaction between the Earth and the sun. Unlike other lights, the Northern Light is always shining. Nothing comes close to experiencing the Northern Lights during the winter. This is because the sky in polar regions is dark enough to give you the best viewing experience. Although the Northern Lights also known as Aurora Borealis seem less colorful when seen with human eyes, the experience is unmatched. This way you will get to hear the “white whale” sound of the Northern Lights.

Northern lights
aurora borealis

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    1. Icelandic Geothermal Bakery

Geothermal bread is one of the best things to eat in Iceland. The geothermal bakery allows visitors to experience baking the Icelandic traditional lava bread. The bread is made using an old recipe and is dug into the ground for a few hours to bake. You can experience this all year round at Laugarvatn Fontana. Either alone or as part of a group tour, you will get to enjoy the famous Icelandic rye bread.

Icelandic Geothermal Bakery. Icelandic rye bread

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    1. Landmannalaugar

The Landmannalaugar is famous for how colourful the mountains are. It is almost 600 meters in altitude and has a river bank which is surrounded by grass. The mountains get their colour from the magma in the area. The presence of a mineral known as rhyolite is responsible for the rainbow colours in the mountain. The distinctive colours are yellow, blue, pink, green and red. After several years, the mountain which was formed in an eruption in 1477 still retains its charming colors.


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Landmannalaugar red mountain

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Landmannalaugar hiking tour
    1. Secret Lagoon 

Locally known as Gamla Laugin, the Secret Lagoon is one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. It was made in 1891. The pool is located in an area near Fludir. Although it is man-made, the pool comes naturally from the hot springs in Hveraholmi. The lagoon is about 2-3 feet deep. It is best to visit after enjoying a day of sightseeing. Here is a tour with exactly that.

Secret Lagoon
    1. Langjokull glacier 

One of the hidden gems in Iceland is the Langjokull glacier. Langjokull is the Icelandic word for glacier. It is located in the western region of the country. The best way to experience this is through a snowmobile tour. Imagine driving through the glacier while enjoying the view, fresh wind and snow. While you can drive on your own, it is safer to go with a tour guide or an organised tour group. Here is a perfect example of a safe tour trip : come to Langjokull glacier.

Langjokull glacier 
    1. Crystal Blue Ice Cave 

The Crystal Blue Ice Cave needs to be on your bucket list while visiting Iceland. It is a blue cave found in an ancient glacier in Iceland. The cave has different shades of blue and is considered the nature’s sunroof. The best time Crystal Blue Ice Cave is between November and March. At this time, the cave is stable enough for visitors. Ice caving is an adventurous activity to try while in Iceland.

Crystal Blue Ice Cave

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    1. Black Church Iceland

The small black church has an exterior that is made of wood. The building has a pitch-black colour to protect it from the harsh weather conditions in Iceland. The church which is found in Budir was built in 1848. It is one of the hidden gems in Iceland and also a tourist attraction. Although there are about three black churches in Iceland, the one at Budir is a place to visit. It is about 40 minutes drive from Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls. You can schedule to visit the black Church, enjoy the views around and go hiking in the neighbouring locations.

Black Church Iceland

Visit the Black church while touring around the Reykjanes peninsula here.

    1. Reykjanes Lighthouse 

The Reykjanes Peninsula is located outside the country’s capital. It has several geothermal activities going on and is best explored as an organised group or with a tour guide. While at the Reykjanes Peninsula, there are three lighthouses to explore. The first is Gardskagi also known as the “tall one”. It stands at 28 metres tall. It offers an amazing scenery from its top. The next famous lighthouse is known as Reykjanes or the “old one”. It was built in 1908. Its light flashes every 30 seconds keeping maritime users safe. This lighthouse was the first one built and due to earthquakes and erosions, it had to be replaced. The third one, Hopsnes also known as the “colorful one” has an orange paint which makes it distinctive from the others.

Reykjanes Lighthouse 

These three structures are accessible to tourists especially when the weather is favourable. One thing to include on your bucket list is visiting Reykjanes Lighthouse.

    1. Diamond Beach 

If there is one hidden gem in Iceland, it is the sparkling beach also known as Diamond Beach. The sand at the beach has orbs of ice in it which sparkles like diamonds. The ice comes from the Breidamerkurjokull glacier. Not only is it famous for its sparkles, it is one of the best places to spot Icelandic seals and orca whales. Diamond Beach is about 5 hour’s drive from Reykjavik. It is also a minute walk from Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. When next you are in Iceland, take a stroll through the beach and touch the sparkling resemblance of diamonds.

Diamond Beach 

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    1. Ingolfsskali Viking House 

The Ingolfsskail Viking house is a turf house with wooden decorations. The Viking house was named after the first settler in Iceland, Ingolfur Arnarson. It shows how the Vikings lived in the past. It is one of the hidden gems in Iceland and will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. The Ingolfsskail Viking House is located between Hvergerdi and Selfoss in the Southern part of Iceland. There is a restaurant that serves the traditional Icelandic meals made with the local ingredients. The food at the restaurant comes from nature and this allows you to enjoy it at its freshest. When next you visit Iceland, make sure to immerse yourself in the Ingolfsskali Viking House experience.

Ingolfsskali Viking House 

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    1. Lava Exhibition in Hvolsvollur

The lava exhibition in Hvolsvollur takes place at the Iceland Volcanoes and Earthquake Centre. The exhibition features the art and science of how nature shapes our planet. If you like geology and volcanic systems, this is a place for you to be. It is a volcano cinema that shows high-quality footage of eruptions around Iceland. This hidden gem in Iceland is an educational learning centre. Although it offers an interactive experience, there is also a display of geological artifacts, graphics and other materials from volcanic eruptions over the years. You can visit the Lava Exhibition as it is open every day and also accessible to locals and visitors. Lava exhibition

    1. Hellnar (oldest icelandic fishing harbour)

While at Hellnar, you will get to experience one of the largest fishing stations in Iceland. The residents of this area are mostly small-boat fishermen. The cluster of old houses and buildings in this ancient village is always a beautiful sight to behold while in Iceland. It is located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula and has been in existence since 1703. The Hellnar is one of the hidden gems in Iceland and a tourist attraction. From Hellnar, you can see the glacial volcano of Snaefellsjokull. There are nearby sites like Londrangar and the Kirkjufell mountain.

There are a lot of activities to do in Iceland. Ensure to include these hidden gems in your travel itinerary. These locations can be easy to miss so if you can, take assistance from a tour guide or an organised group tour. Wear the right outfits for each location. When visiting the ice caves or waterfalls, always have protective gear to keep you safe. Make sure to watch your steps and have a crampon and sturdy boots for better balance.

Once you have the safety precautions in check, you are bound to have a great time!

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