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Safe Travel in Iceland

Iceland is tagged as the safest country in the world and has held that position for a very long time. The country easily boasts of low crime and drug abuse rates, excellent policing, and adventure at every turn, and a welcoming setting that endears tourists from all over the world. You will never get shortages of travel information if you book for a visa or trip to Iceland.
However, as beautiful and calming as the country is, there are a few of factors to keep in mind when coming to Iceland. The weather may be unpredictable and the driving techniques and conditions are different from the rest of the world, but the healthcare system is top-notch!
Speaking of health, you might be wondering how safe it is to travel to this beautiful glacier country with the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, and Europe having the hardest hit after the Coronavirus’s origin country, China.

If you have a planned trip or vacation to Iceland, do not worry. One of Iceland’s private tour service is offering tourists and visitors to Iceland a safe and enjoyable trip via their touring outlets. Reykjavik Outventure is one of Iceland’s biggest and most used tour services, especially when it comes to private tours. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have listened to the demands of our clients and now offer exclusive private tours for tourists, who get to enjoy various activities, including horseback riding, walking tours, and sightseeing tours to satisfy the customers’ needs and safety and wade off the Coronavirus.

Reykjavik Outventure has a variety of private tours which you can look through on our website, and you can also contact us directly if you’re interested in a custom tailored private tour for you and your family.

The Coronavirus – COVID-19 and what you need to know

The Coronavirus – COVID-19 and what you need to know

A Coronavirus is a group of viruses known to attack the respiratory tracts of Aves and mammals with humans been the hardest hit. Medical practitioners associated similar symptoms experience when infected with a cold to the Covid-19 infection.
However, before the Covid-19, scientists have gone around to discover that the covid-19 found in animals is transferable to humans through contacts.Until the Coronavirus discovered in Wuhan, China, scientists never thought that there could be a more dangerous strain that what is known.
As much as the internet is filled with information about the Coronavirus, in this article, we will discuss the virus, how it affects Iceland’s tourism, how safe it is to fly to Europe and why you should not cancel that flight or visa appointment to Iceland for your next adventure of a lifetime. We will give you the options and a guarantee of a great time you will never forget hale and hearty with your health intact.

What is the Coronavirus?

As mentioned above, it is part of the Coronavirus family known to affect the human respiratory system. The novel Coronavirus from China is among the seven types that affect humans but a bit more dangerous and detrimental to humans with a high transmission rate than previously thought. After more than 100,000 infected cases, over 3000 deaths, and more people getting the disease without knowing it, travels plans are going down the drain faster than a pile of rubbish in a sink. Outside China, the Coronavirus greatest hit is Europe with Italy taking the larger brunt of the virus.

The History of Coronavirus – a walk back in time

The History of Coronavirus – a walk back in time

First isolated in 1937, the first human Coronavirus was discovered in 1960 in people with flu-like symptoms like running nose and sneezing, which is eerily similarity with the novel Coronavirus. The name corona comes from the crown-like protrusions on the surface of the cells of the virus and is an Italian word translated in English to means crown. The situation usually worsens during the winter season as humans tend to have weak immune systems and prone to simple infections like the cold. However, the covid-19 is defiling what medical teams around the world thought of the virus, as it the mode of transmission defiles weather and temperature variations as seen in the world today.

Symptoms of the Coronavirus

Unlike the flu, the Coronavirus symptom is mild from the start before developing into a full-blown infection in a space of 14 days. This does not neglect the fact that some people are classified as asymptomatic and would not show symptoms for a long time even when infected and they are more likely to spread the virus to others.
Common symptoms are runny nose, tiredness, consistent sneezing, headaches, fever, cough, dry throat, and difficulty breathing. However, in patients with compromised immune systems, patients are known to exhibit asthmatic symptoms and heaviness in breathing that could be translated to pneumonia, which in Iceland could escalate due to the cold weather.
For now, there is no cure, vaccine, or temporary situation that can douse the effect of the virus as scientists are yet to fully understand the inner workings of the virus, but some steps to take to boost your immune system are

  • Drinking water and staying hydrated even in Iceland
  • Proper rest and sleep must be adhered to
  • Try to avoid dusty, smoking or chemical fumes that can trigger or complicate your breathing
  • If you have kids or elderly ones, use a humidifier to ensure clean air
  • If you come down with a fever, seek prescription recommended by a doctor and avoid overdosing

Types of Coronavirus

Asides from the Covid-19, two strains of the Coronavirus are the SARs and the MERS and the less acute version, the common cold.
SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome was another Coronavirus strain that came out of the Guangdong Province of China in 2002. This outbreak saw its transmission to over 24 countries around the world until the infection was contained in 2003.It was equally a contagious disease that led to difficulty in breathing, cough, sneezing, pneumonia, chills, aches, and pains among a few. In the most advanced stage, infected people suffer the failure of the respiratory organs. The mortality rate was low, unlike the Covid-19.The elderly are always the most vulnerable, so endeavor to keep an eye on them.

MERS or the Middle East Respiratory syndrome came into the limelight after the infection surfaced in Saudi Arabia hence the name MERS. Just like the Coronavirus, it too spread outside the Middle East into other countries, including the United States of America. It also had a higher mortality rate than the SARS-COV, but it too has been curtailed.

How is the Coronavirus Spreading

How is the Coronavirus Spread?

Currently, little is known about the virus started but researchers have developed a pathway for the spread of the virus. Right now, what is most certain is that if you have visited or been in contact with the virus, you are to be in quarantine for 14 days. Most countries in the world have employed this method in combating the virus, and others have begun indulging in seclusion to limit the spread.
So in addition to what you might have read over the internet, or heard on the news, the following are ways the Coronavirus is spread.

  • Direct contact with another who has the virus or the symptoms associated with the virus
  • Coming in contact with the droplets from an infected person like a cough, sneeze, mucus with using a tissue or your hand to guard the exit.
  • Touching, hugging, kissing, or coming in contact with a surface like countertops or general surfaces touched by an infected person
  • It is unclear and unverified if the Coronavirus can be spread from domesticated pets humans, but researchers warn pet owners from cuddling or allowing them to lick your face.
Who are at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus?

Who are at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus?

Everyone is susceptible to getting the Coronavirus, but Health Institutions have classified people with any form of respiratory or immune deficiency such as the elderly or those above 60 years old. Besides, young children, none have been seriously identified yet, and pregnant women are at risk too.

Managing the spread of the coronavirus disease

Managing the spread of the disease

If you will be traveling to a high-risk area, have a disinfectant, hand sanitizer and wipes in on your person. Also, avoid contact with strangers and be aware of your environment and the actions of people around you to avoid contracting the virus. If you think you have been infected, please stay home and self-quarantine to avoid spreading the disease.

Coronavirus in Europe – how is the travel industry doing?

Coronavirus in Europe – how is the travel industry doing?

Outside Wuhan China, the most hit region is the European countries; these include Italy taking the hardest fall with the government closing of the cities and canceling any public or private gatherings, including places of worship. With Italy in the bag, other countries are the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, and a bit in Iceland, Sweden, and others. As of March 2020, the number of affected cases of the virus across the globe is over 100,000, but with China claiming recovery of infected patients, there is light at the end of the tunnel for people out of its borders.
With that said, the fear of contacting the Coronavirus has pushed many people to stay in their homes, increased the rate of remote, and work from home jobs, including cancelation of planned vacations to prevent getting or spreading the virus. Europe is not doing well, and here is why.

Is traveling to Europe safe?

That depends on where you are going, and how the government of the country has been able to manage the Coronavirus. Despite the measures that the government in Europe has taken to prevent the virus, the cases keep coming, and the numbers are nothing to writing home about.
Of all the countries that make up the European Union, Italy, Germany,
France, Spain, and a couple more have the Coronavirus, and in a twist of fate, most countries that have the infection, unfortunately, came from Italy – no offense.
The EU has introduced several stringent measures to curtail the disease, including educating the public, enforcing strict data-keeping and sharing, collaboration with health experts across borderline and tighter security at international airports for incoming travelers, especially from high-risk areas or from passengers showing symptoms of the disease.

Is my Schengen Visa still valid for traveling?

Is my Schengen Visa still valid for traveling?

Currently, yes, the European Union has stated it doesn’t see any reason to cancel handing out the Schengen visa to individuals who seek for it as they are putting measures in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. To help safeguard the countries, Europe is ramping up border security checks, and offer test kits, sanitizers and disinfectants for passengers that come into the countries.
Furthermore, the European Commission increased the allocated amount to boost preparedness and tracking of the Coronavirus as it enters Europe. For most vacationers, canceling their trip to Europe is a personal choice and a decision that needs to be thought of thoroughly. Some factors to keep in mind are
Know about your travel destination
Check if you have any symptoms, endeavor to see your doctor in your country of origin or in the country you are visiting. While countries like Italy, France, and Germany are battling with dropping the rate at which the Coronavirus is spreading but if you plan to visit Europe, there is one place you can spend your time and worry less about the Coronavirus – Iceland.

Traveling to Iceland and the Coronavirus

Traveling to Iceland and the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus in over 85 countries, Iceland is not left out, but the country has managed to tackle the virus and kept the spread low with immediate quarantine for infected people, including airport and border patrol.
After the first case was discovered in February, the Icelandic authority is banking on very unique but effective methods to combat the disease and to ensure that it does not suffer the same fate as neighboring countries, like Italy, France, and Germany among many. Some techniques that the Iceland government has employed are
Creating a space for people who have the Coronavirus to stay when they come into the country – recent news states that a hotel in Reykjavik will be the quarantine site for infected individuals. The hotel is large enough with many rooms and should comfortably hold if any tourists who come into the country. Furthermore, it has an alliance with the biggest health facility to step up test kits, and processes to enable suspected people to get the assistance they need. It is, however, good to know that Iceland is safe and secure from the Coronavirus, so don’t cancel your visa or vacation plans, you can offer to ride private tour guide to enjoy the best of Iceland.

Managing the Coronavirus in Iceland

Transparency – since the Coronavirus broke out, no country except Iceland has been transparent about the virus in their country. The country has collaborated with the Red Cross, the Icelandic police system, and health facilities to update the general public about the virus and how much is done or left to kick the disease out of the country.

Self Paid Quarantine – Asides from china that quarantine a whole province, the Icelandic government has introduced the self-paid quarantine service that offers people payment for been quarantined. This service is not for people who think they have the virus but for all people. Companies and employers are required to encourage their workers to go for it or face hefty fines or imprisonment.

Effective management and collaboration
Seamless communications channels between everyone involve are the reason for the success rate in Iceland, and why the country still maintains its status as the safest despite the Coronavirus. The government can track, curtail, and follow up with individuals with a gentle remaining if toll-free numbers you can call if you get or is feeling sick and how to start a quarantine process. It is beautiful to see how the system works and definitely one worth learning by other governments in other countries.

No Compromise
Coronavirus is not a subject that needs to be postponed as we have seen in other countries. Miscommunication and the spread of falsified information are disruptive to the proper management of the spread. This is one way the Iceland government has ramped up security and stamp down hard in ensuring that only accurate information is passed to the public no matter what.

NOTE – the Iceland Government does not harass or discriminate between travelers who come into the countries for holidaying or other purposes. Immigrations do the usual checking, ask the regular questions and for the sake of security and limiting the spread certain information is required from you. However, you will get an emergency health response number should in case you fall sick within the stipulated time frame of 14 days with any of the symptoms related to that of the Coronavirus to reach out to.
Whether you are arriving by flight, ship, or by land, the University Hospital, Lanspitali is the approved location for quarantine in case you are infected with the virus.
These steps have been working well for the government as more people have been quarantined to prevent spreading the disease while many more voluntarily submit themselves to test.

Vacationing In Iceland Is Safe – Enjoy Your Stay

Vacationing In Iceland Is Safe – Enjoy Your Stay

Tourism is the major part of Iceland’s booming economy, and even as the stock market takes a dip in various countries across the world including that of Iceland, it has not stopped the country’s tourism sector from booming partly because of the safety provisions on the ground and the availability of private and self tours available in the country.
Traveling to Iceland is completely safe, and although a couple of Coronavirus cases have stirred their heads up in a few places, the government stamp down rules on the virus seems to be working well.
In fact, the cases noticed in Iceland have all come from people who went to Italy for a ski holiday or were at some point in Italy. As for direct contact locally, there is no reported case yet. However, to keep you safe, remember to keep all the precautionary measures close to your heart as you enjoy a wonderful time in the land of glaciers.
So if you have decided to take that trip to Iceland, rather than allow the Coronavirus bug your mind, here are a couple of things you should remember about the beautiful frontier you are coming into.

Safety in Iceland

First off, this Nordic Island getaway with striking geographical features has a population of just over 360,000 people, most of which live in the country’s capital, Reykjavik and unlike most nations, it uses green energy and home to exciting places and history that dates to the era of the Vikings.
While the Coronavirus is seemingly under control, caution is the watchword to enjoying a safe trip in Iceland is the weather.
The weather in Iceland is so unpredictable and unforgiving you can be caught off guard if you are not abreast of the situation, especially during a tour of the countryside. Being a frozen land, events such as landside, avalanches, flood or unprecedented movement in the earth’s layer can cause fear for the tourist. So if you are traveling to the highlands, a little extra precaution is necessary.

Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland

The Route 1 road that encircles the island is the connecting route to see all you need to see in Iceland, and while it unwinding pattern can be scary, drivers should take precaution due to settled ice and pay close attention to information about the road. Although all routes are pristine and in great shape, drivers should take precautions not to drive if there is a safety instruction of a closed road for any reason. Don’t pull off any stunt as you might be endangering your life and that of others. However, in the summer, you can enjoy the island in all its glory.

Where to stay

Except you want to camp out in the frozen mountain tops or outside, the island of Iceland has one bustling center, Reykjavik, and despite its vibrancy, the population is just under 150,000 people and businesses, which gives room for “social distancing” to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. You will definitely not be bothered about issues like terrorism, armed banditry and other high crimes as seen in other countries capital, Reykjavik is a peaceful and calming place with top-notch security – health or otherwise.
It does bear the markings of a regular city capital with hotels and pubs, clubs, and other is the center of almost all fun activities you will partake in as you visit Iceland.

Safety at night

Iceland is safe, we will continue to state that, but it doesn’t eliminate some miscreants committing bad stuff in the community. So for extra safety, ladies, especially tourists should not walk alone at night in dark corners.If you are out drinking, behave responsibly, and have a contact number in case you need to make an emergency call. Keep some extra cash hidden; it will come in handy at odd hours when you need to get back to your hotel or something.
However, they are nothing to fear other than too much fun, laughter, and a million pictures to show your friends and family when you finally leave Iceland.

Safety for kids and property

There is security in Iceland, the policing system is exceptional and accessible, but you need not bother about your property as most tour companies provide excellent security for their clients. However, that should not stop you from being mindful of your property and managing it well. If you are traveling with kids, keep them close to you and ensure they don’t run off on their own because of the terrain and unpredictable nature.
When in or away from Reykjavik, you will notice the diversity of the tourism sector that Iceland is known for. Chances are you will meet someone from your country or make friends with another. There is joy in Iceland, so take advantage of it on your next visit.

Health Safety

The Coronavirus is the biggest scare right now, and Europe has been the hardest hit after China. Iceland has managed to nip the spread in the bud and keep the country safe. For travelers and vacationers into the island, ensure you keep to the regular safety rules to prevent spreading the disease.
There are facilities and emergency numbers you can reach out to and if you feel sick, practice self-quarantine and not go out if you have any of the symptoms. It is worthy of note that, Iceland is pretty cold, and if you are coming from a warmer terrain, you might suffer some acclimatization problem that could come with flu-like symptoms, but stay safe and enjoy the country.
So there you have it, Iceland is safe, all you need is respect the law, play safe, stay safe, and report any happenings to the authorities that could jeopardize your safety or that of others.

Private Tour and Activities to do in Iceland

Private Tour and Activities to do in Iceland

People come to Iceland to drooling over the beauty of nature – the landscape, the textures, the cascading waterfalls, the geometry of the icebergs floating across the ocean surface, the wildlife, the flora and fauna and the astonishing views that never seem to end. Whether you are hiking your way through the icy mountains or driving through it, flying above or down under they are an adventure just by your side that will wow you.
While all these are great, the Coronavirus has limited the number of people that want to experience this magnificent canvas of nature, but you don’t have to worry. There are private tours that will take only you and those you trust on a personal life-changing journey through the sights and sound of Iceland without any fear, you only need to make the right decision and remain safe.
There are some tips to remember before you start your dream adventure around Iceland

  • Never go anywhere without trained tour guides by your side- this is not to limit your experience of Iceland but to keep you safe and out of trouble.
  • Never go driving when a road is close for any reason – the weather can make road and other drive paths slippery and extremely dangerous for motorists. Daring to take that drive will not only put you in danger but also put the lives of the rescuers who need to maneuver these terrains to bring you out safely.
  • Don’t hassle with a local – might be a fun laugh, but it can be disrespectful and annoying to mock people. You can ask questions but be kind doing it too
  • Register all personal trips with the local travel monitoring body – this will keep you safe in case anything goes wrong
    Enjoy your stay.
The Reykjavik Outventure Private Tours in Iceland

The Reykjavik Outventure Private Tours in Iceland

If you really want to see the beauty of Iceland, your tour is likely to start from the city capital Reykjavik or from Keflavik, which is the central meeting point for people who desire to begin their tour of Iceland.

Reykjavik Outventure is a tour operatig service that offers tourists a piece of Iceland on an ice plate through private tours. They are known for their professionalism and organizational abilities to ensure all tours go as planned without hutches. Also, Reykjavik Outventure sanitizes all buses and equipment to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and tourists are also educated about safety measures like washing your hands, applying sanitizers and wearing protective gloves whether you have the virus or not.

Touring with Reykjavik Outventure

Whether you are in Iceland to see the culture, the landscape, or the history, safety is your first priority, and only Reykjavik Outventure can provide that. The city of Reykjavik is Iceland’s center for everything and with dedicated flights coming into the country,
As the center of the Iceland economy, is a booming tourism industry, which Reykjavik Outventure has developed to ensuring tourists enjoy the best. Whether it is the food, drinks, music, culture, or beauty of the landscape, there is a lot to see.
The city center is a combination of color, contrast, and sophistication full of history and a story to see and share at every corner. Although a small place compared to other large cities in the world, it is strategically positioned to enable tourists to see the best of Iceland from a good starting point before venturing into the Icelandic wilderness for a view like no other. Overall, it is the gateway to exploring Iceland, and only Reykjavik Outventure can give you the desired tour through the length and breadth of the island that has fascinated people for centuries.
There are lots of activities to do in Iceland, including taking a tour around the plenty volcanoes and hot springs that litter the terrain – yes, it might be cold, but Iceland has beautiful warm areas that will knock the cold out of you.
Other activities are hiking up glacier mountain, horseback riding, an excellent choice for tourist with kids, go wet with wild river rafting, or channel you inner courage as you explore the caves, go whale watching and see the mammals in action or take a helicopter ride to see the marvelous view from up above, Iceland is filled with adventures, REYKJAVIK OUTVENTURE TOURS is the best to take you around safely from the Coronavirus.

Using a Private Tour Guide to Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus

Don’t let your dream trip be cut short because of the Coronavirus. Whether you are coming to Iceland or traveling elsewhere, these are some reasons why you should consider using Reykjavik Outventure private tours now.
Not disregarding the spread of the Coronavirus in the world, Reykjavik Outventure is the best way to see Iceland for so many reasons, especially with the scare of the Coronavirus and the best approach to get adequate information about the terrain.

Why should you consider a private tour in Iceland?

See Iceland better than ever

When traveling in groups, certain factors are considered, time of departure, how many people are in the group, the tour duration, the appropriate guide for the tour, and getting back on time. All these factors can prevent you from seeing the true beauty of the country. When traveling with Reykjavik Outventure private tours, you have a private tour guide that speaks your language for effective communication; you see more places than in a group tour, and you spend more time at a favorite sport. Furthermore, because the trip is exclusive, you leave and come back on time.

You learn more

Private tours are fun and offer a wonderful learning experience. Reykjavik private tours employ the services of local tour guides that are vast in the culture, history, and routes of Iceland to give its visitors the 101 of how Iceland came into existence. A fun class, no doubt, as visitors get to see firsthand the places they read about, but also partake in some cultural experiences to boost their trip.

You are protected from the Coronavirus

All private tours mode of transportation are wiped clean, and visitors are handed hand sanitizers to also keep them safe. Safety has always been one of Reykjavik Outventure’s goals, and the introduction of their private tours has taken it up a notch.

Group Tours in Iceland with Reykjavik Outventure

It is flexible

Group tours have a time frame- time to meet, to leave, and to get back. It can be stressful for some guests who feel they need more time to rest or prepare before a tour. Private tours work with your time; you leave at your discretion and arrive as such. Besides, with a little extra charge, you get to see place off your regular routes giving you a bit more of Iceland than anticipated.

Security, Security, Security

Reykjavik Outventure is safe and the best tour guide service in Iceland. Additionally, with the Coronavirus outbreak, the private tour has solo or family tours with a local expert at a ridiculous price. Our guides are properly trained to handle the locals and to protect you throughout the tour

Get the best seats at a renowned restaurant

On the part are local eating spots that can cater to small groups but not a large one. Using the Reykjavik Outventure private tour, you can be sure to get a taste of Iceland at unique spots without breaking the bank. It is worth the experience and one you will enjoy with loads of pictures too.

Who are the Reykjavik Outventure Private tours for?

Everyone, it is for everyone that wants to see Iceland in a calmer light. However, choosing us is great for the following purposes

  • Business travelers with limited time
  • A special experience for lovers, family or to celebrate any occasion
  • People with kids on a tour and want safety and security for them
  • People that are not a fan of closed spaces or crowd especially with the spread of the Coronavirus all over the place
  • If you want to visit a particular spot or stay longer at one
  • Solo travelers who prefer time alone without distraction
  • When you intend to visit a route that is not usually taken
  • People that do not have the time to plan ad would rather allow us to do their planning for them

Tips to remain safe in Iceland

The Icelandic government has several emergency numbers to reach out if you or anyone has the Coronavirus. Serious measures are in place to curb the spread of the virus. Touring the island does not place you at risk.
Reykjavik Outventure has taken necessary precautions to keep our clients safe via proper education about the Coronavirus and preventive measures to increase safety on a tour.
Every day in Iceland is an adventure, and while you may not experience the regular Iceland festivals and other crowded events, there is a lot to see and do here. Keep those passports valid and make Iceland your vacation destination, especially as the Coronavirus is eating through the fabric of other societies.
Iceland is safe for travel, and we will keep you safer when you arrive, so have a safe flight.
So if you are ready to make that trip to Iceland, don’t choose any private tour, think safety, think security, think fun and book your appointment with Reykjavik Outventure Private tour today, we guarantee it will be the best time you will ever spend in Iceland.

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