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A journey to remember – Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

We surely live in a big beautiful world where there is so much to explore that even a lifetime is not enough. There are places in Iceland to visit for all kinds of people whether it is party lovers or nature lovers, all your desires can be fulfilled.
For travelers and enthusiasts especially, places will never run out for them and if you drift away from the cities and city lights there is even more to explore. Wonders of nature, huge mountains, water streams, and whatnot. A place that is truly a treat to the eyes and soul is the Reyjanes Peninsula. Let’s find out more about it.

It is the bridge between two continents which is the North American plate and the Eurasian plate. It is like something out of a fairytale with lava streams and another natural phenomenon which ignites your inner soul. This is a geological wonder with unique geothermal and volcano activity which gives you both nature and thrill side by side. Another interesting fact about it is that it is the only place in the world from which the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above the sea level. If you truly want to visit something pleasing to your sight and mind – this is the place for you. Now enjoy other private Reykjavik tours.

Towns and other places to visit

Here you are truly at luck to visit different places which offer you different treats and pleasures. We shall see the most amazing ones but know that you are not restricted just here.


A cusp of history and legendary tales are waiting for you. With stories to listen to every step, you take which will amaze you. Located near the Reykjanes lighthouse, this place is named after a female ghost which was laid there. The tale behind this is that this female ghost caused immense disturbance until a priest came and set a trap for her which lead her to fall into the spring. This event took place about 400 years ago.

The alteration of fresh lava rock to clay takes place here as nature combined with man creates a mindblowing phenomenon. Mud Pools form when the steam from the boiling geothermal reservoir water emanates and mixes with the surface water. This also carries with it the gases carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide which makes the water acid. The steam also increased dramatically in 2006 upon the start of production of the reservoir in due to the geothermal drawdown. This stand right in the heart of Reykjanes where you find such breathtaking views like 100 different centers, black sand beaches, lava fields, and bird cliffs.


A town located in Reykjanes which has dense population and was a popular hut for fishing and fish processing is also worth a visit for history and beauty.


Another mesmerizing sight is Brimkitell which is a natural pool and is little in size. This occurred due to the marine erosion from the edge of the lava shore in the nearby place of Grindavik. This again is a magical place with a legend associating with it. The folklore is such that this pond was at one time the residence of a giantess named Oddny.

There is a viewing platform where you can look over at Brimketill just a little distance away from the parking lot but unfortunately, the path is inaccessible for wheelchairs. When you stand on the platform, you are therefore under the risk of getting wet as the waves can nearly stretch out to the parking lot. But one must take utmost caution when viewing the jaw-dropping sight of nature, especially when traveling with children. One must refrain from entering the sea and watch out for strong gushes of wind and waves.

Hafnir – The town

This place is yet again most definitely worth a visit. Hafinir is the home to what is known as the worlds strangest bank, the “Halibut Bank”. Here, people capture and raise small halibut, for abroad exports. Up next, South of this town takes you to another breathtaking side of last volcanic eruption that occurred in 1268.
This is the place where the real adventure of the Reykjanes region begins when traveling to the 30m-high mass of Hafnaberg which rises from the sandy beach of Sandvik, you can go to one of Iceland’s largest bird cliffs which is now also accessible through footpath, you have a high probability of spotting whale.

The Blue Lagoon

If you are ready to be in awe and completely mesmerized, Blue Lagoon requires your visit. This piece of heaven is a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland. If you want to get away from all the noise and calm your senses, one must bathe in the blue lagoon rich with minerals such as silica and sulfur which is so amazing that it is even reputed to cure certain skin diseases.

The travel

Now one of the main concerns we have while traveling is the safety and the expense. Iceland is a very safe place as there are very low crime rates and the medical facilities there are mind-blowing. There are many places for tourists as we have seen a few above and also many comfortable places to reside. Although there are just some precautions to keep in mind. As this place is pure natural, natural hazards are a concern of course and they come unexpected, but majestic places like this have this con. Other than this, if you are visiting places like Brimketill then you must keep in mind that there is no supervision there due to which you yourself have to be very careful.

It is not unbelievably expensive to travel to Reykjavik Iceland but then again it is not cheap either. There are hotels ranging from average to five star which entirely depends on you. One must keep in mind that it is not impossible to travel here on a budget – it is very much achievable.

Bottom Line

This place intrigues you in all ways possible and the beauty sweeps you from your feet. Considering this, it’s an opportunity that one can not miss as this natural wonder truly deserves a visit.
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