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Read why you should take private tours

I can tell you one thing, when I will travel again after this Coronavirus, I will travel in private tours. The whole world will chance now and how people will travel. I have written a little bit about why to take private tours and listed out few of Reykjavik Outventure best tours.

Private tours in Iceland

We have to come to terms with a new reality: one where we have to live alongside the coronavirus until at least an effective cure is found. However, several countries have been working hard to get to a reasonable level of normalcy by eliminating the virus in their locality. Since news of COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, China, it has since spread to more than a hundred countries worldwide, including Iceland, which had its first case in late February. However, the country swung into action quickly with a strategy aimed at curbing the spread.

We can say that this was mostly successful as we have gone from hundreds of confirmed cases during the initial period to absolutely no case in Iceland. This was the result of proactiveness in self-isolation and prompt dissemination of information. So, it’s safe to say that Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world, especially considering these coronavirus times.

Now that you know that you will be in the best hands in Iceland, let’s talk about the fun things you can do in this country. We know that there is still the need to be careful as we move around, but our best places are opening up. There is so much for you to see and do in Iceland, here are a few:

Glacier hike in Iceland our

Exciting activities to do in Iceland

When you take a look at Iceland’s contrasting landscapes and the tons of natural phenomena that add to its beauty, it’s almost like a little paradise. Iceland is mostly covered in snow and ice. However, underneath this country is a different story as it is one of the most volcanic areas in the world.

There are tons of volcanoes around and possibly waiting to erupt at any time, which contrasts with several more glaciers in the region. We don’t call it the land of fire and ice for nothing. From the natural spas to the hot pools and even the bubbling life in the capital city of Reykjavik, there is so much to see and do. We haven’t even gotten started on the stories of mythical creatures, elves, trolls, and even Vikings that add more mystery to this amazing country.

There are so many things to do, but here are the top picks:

Spend some time on the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

Talk about spectacular terrains, stunning sceneries, and romantic waterfalls, Hornstrandir Nature Reserve has got it all. Those who enjoy hiking can certainly try out this trail even though it is one of the most remote parts of Iceland. However, hiking here gives you an excellent chance of seeing seals. You may even be lucky enough to sight a whale.

Check out Snæfellsjökull National Park

On the Snæfellsnes(Snaefellsnes) Peninsula is Snæfellsjökull National Park where you will find the Snaefellsjokull glacier. Fire and ice meet at this national park as you can enjoy the lava fields while exploring the mighty glacier. If you are a lover of nature, this is one of the best sports for bird and whale watching as there are tons of coastal species here. Of course, you haven’t been to Iceland if you don’t go on one of its many hiking trails, and this park is covered with several attractive ones.

Visit the Dynjandi Waterfall

In the Westfjords area of Iceland is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever find. Known as the Dynjandi Waterfall on the Dynjandivogur Bay, it is always relaxing to watch the raging waters of Dynjandi. If you want to stay longer, there is a camping area available where you can watch in awe as the mighty waters hit the ground.

Look at the Tectonic Plates

This is a mystery to millions of people around the world, but you can actually stand on two continents at once. The one place where you can do that is Iceland on the Þingvellir Plain. The tectonic plates are at the point between North America and Europe, and it is all there for you to watch. You should also look out for the river that flows into a series of waterfalls and a pool.

Relax on Rauðasandur Beach

Have you ever seen pink and red sand? Well, you will be amazed by these sights on Rauðasandur Beach. Here, you can take a seaside walk, enjoy the view of the turquoise lagoon and even watch the resident seals. Even bird watching is allowed here, and you will never be short on something fun to do on Rauðasandur Beach.

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon

There is a 95% chance you would have heard about the Blue Lagoon as it is unarguably the most famous natural attraction in Iceland. This amazing gift of nature is a turquoise geothermal spa. It is even said that the waters have healing properties due to the presence of lots of minerals like silica. This is why lots of people flock here every year to treat different skin conditions. However, this is one of the best places in Iceland to go for a relaxing dip.

Private tours in Iceland

reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland

Hike along Asbyrgi Canyon

Fun fact: the Asbyrgi Canyon is shaped like a horseshoe. No doubt, hiking on this canyon of 3.5km long will be quite a journey. While you are at the bottom of the Asbyrgi Canyon, you can walk through fir forests and pine. If you’re looking for an adventure, chances are you will find a ton of it here.

Take a Viking World Museum tour

In Iceland, you can either go to the house of a real Viking or go back in time at the Viking World Museum, where there is a replica of a Viking ship. This replica, called the Icelander, is from the 9th century, which has several voyages under its belt. At the Viking World Museum, you can explore this ship and check out the section on exciting stories about Norse mythology.

Dip your feet in the black sand of Djúpalón Beach

There is one place in Iceland that is known for its creative rock formations and black sands. This spot is called the Djúpalón Beach in Snæfellsjökull National Park, and you will be in for quite an experience here. It is a home of legends and myths from pieces of a shipwreck in 1948 to pretty rock arches.

Stare at the Gullfoss Waterfall

One of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland is the Gullfoss Waterfall. Just on the Hvita River, this waterfall which translates to “Golden Falls” glints in the sunlight while you find yourself drawn to its beauty. The Gullfoss Waterfall is about 32m, and you can watch its magnificence from the top of the summit.

Private tour in Iceland

Hike on Mount Esja

Mount Esja is located quite close to the capital city of Reykjavik. This mountain, which is about 900m high, is made up of basalt and volcanic sediments. A view from the top of Mount Esja is so amazing that you can look at the city spread around you. It also has multi-colored rhyolite rock. This mountain has simple trails for novices and steeper ones that are perfect for experienced hikers. When you move with experienced local guides, they will pick a path that fits your capability without diminishing your experience.

See the Northern Lights

What are the Northern Lights? Say hello to what could honestly be the most beautiful thing you would ever see in a long time. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, people from around the world travel to Iceland to hunt for these lights. The color streaks across the sky are heavenly and a sight to behold. You can have the best chance of seeing this when you stay away from areas with light pollution, as it comes out in the darkest areas.

Spend some time with puffins

How about a chance to see adorable puffins? A trip to Iceland’s puffin islands of Lundey and Akurey will show you the large population of cuddly puffins. There are also tons of other wildlife here, including seagulls, ducks, guillemots, and cormorants. To watch the puffins nesting, you have to take a boat from the mainland down to the uninhabited island.

Admire Hallgrimskirkja Church

Iceland is also home to beautiful man-made structures, and one of them is the Hallgrimskirkja Church. Located in the capital city of Reykjavik, this church is the largest of its kind in the country, and you can check out its fantastic design from the top. An elevator will take you to the top of the hill where you can look at the Svartifoss Waterfall in the south of the country where it is modeled on.

Take a hike on the Golden Circle Route

The best way to see the most important sights quickly if you’re in a rush is to take the Golden Circle Route. A tour of the Golden Circle takes you through most of the top sights in Iceland, including the tectonic plates, Strokkur Geyser and Thingvellir National Park. Even more impressive, you can check out the Kerid Crater Lake and Gullfoss Waterfall on this route.

Take a dip at Lake Myvatn

When you are heading to Iceland, you have to pack a bathing suit as this is the home of cooling waters. A bathe in Lake Myvatn will prove this to you. This lake was formed thanks to a volcanic eruption several years ago. Although this place is still prone to volcanic activity, the natural heat under the earth has warmed up several spots under the ground, which makes the pool hot enough to bathe in comfortably.

Hike in Skaftafell Park

At the Skaftafell Park, you have 4800sq km of wonders surrounding you. This area is covered by icy rivers, black sands, and thick forests, all beautiful to look at. Hiking to this park will also take you to a famous ice cap with a series of trails that lead to the Black Fall. Nothing will prepare you for the fantastic sights of the waterfall tumbling over the black basalt cliffs. Here, you can also get in a boat to get up close and personal with the spectacular blocks of ice on the blue lagoon.

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The best way to experience Iceland

Now that you know a few of the fantastic things you can do in Iceland, what is the best way to experience Iceland? Our answer is simple. You can get the best of Iceland through tours, and we are not just talking about any trip, but ones with experienced guides like we do at Reykjavik Outventure. Images that may pop into your head at the mention of tours could be that of an overcrowded bus or people cramped in a small space. We assure you that it is nothing like that, but it could instead let you experience the best of Iceland. Here’s why.

It is more convenient

How frustrating is it to spend a lot of time planning the perfect trip? Well, with guided tours, you don’t have to do this as you can leave all the details to professionals. With the right tour company, you will have your itinerary all set up as fast as possible while all you have to do is be present. So, get ready for an adventure with all the details tidied up neatly when you choose guided tours.

You have more freedom

You can conveniently pick from different tour routes available, especially with Reykjavik Outventure. When you plan your trip individually, you are limited to only familiar routes. However, guided tours will take you to all the best places, and you have the freedom to pick which one to go on with your loved ones.

Access to experts

Ever heard about leaving things to the experts? Well, an experienced guide will not only take you on the best routes but will also keep you safe. The experts are those that can bring a spot to life with stories about its local culture and history. They tell you so many secrets about the locations that you keep reliving the experience again and again.

Relax while on the road

Driving is cool until you have to stay awake for hours at a stretch to get to your destination. Remember, you may also not be so familiar with parts of Iceland, and this could lead to a lot of confusion while you are on the road. However, you can save yourself this stress with a guided tour that takes you to several locations while you relax in the back seat with songs or stories.

Hang out with the locals

If you love to speak with locals and have so much fun with them, a guided tour is the best way to do that without it getting awkward. For example, our professional guides at Reykjavik Outventure are locals who are familiar with the indigenous people. They can take you into restaurants and unique spots where only locals get easy access to. Guided tours give you the authentic local experience, as you can’t find everything on a map.

Travel in style with people

Traveling alone is not so much fun, but with guided tours, you get to make some new friends. Hiking on a new trail will have you talking and smiling with fellow hikers without realizing it. Even better, you can experience Iceland with your friends and family. This is an excellent opportunity for some bonding time while touring one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Saves time

Of course, we can’t mention the benefits of taking tours with a guide without talking about the time-saving aspect. Instead of spending at least an hour trying to navigate an unfamiliar route or wander aimlessly for several hours while trying to get your bearings, you can skip the time-consuming process and get on an enjoyable tour—no need to wait on long lines for your ticket or sit in a cramped bus.

Better safety as you move with experienced guides

Moving with a group is safer than threading unfamiliar waters with your loved ones. With a guided tour, you will have a better chance of avoiding thieves that wait around for unsuspecting travelers. You can also get live guidance as you hike up a mountain trail. Walking on a volcano could end up sour if you are a novice with no idea of the danger points to avoid. An experienced guide will keep you away from situations that could prove hazardous.

Cheaper than traveling alone

Contrary to widespread belief, guided tours are cheaper than going around yourself. Your expenses, which would include meals, lodging, and even getting tickets to some paid attractions, could rack up quite a considerable amount. However, you can get affordable tours with great tour companies like Reykjavik Outventure while also being eligible for some discounts for spots that require admissions. With guided tours, you get luxury at the best value.

Private tours in Iceland
Private tours in Iceland

Private Tours

Private tours are usually limited to as little as five people. With these tours, you are under no pressure to leave your surroundings. Here are the pros and cons of private tours:


  • Flexibility: With private tours, you can enjoy more flexibility as it comes with the freedom to choose your activities and the perfect time based on your schedule. Private tours can accommodate changes in your schedule while also giving you the freedom to pick the most ideal trip for your preferences.
  • Explore at your pace: How much time would you like to spend at a specific spot? What would you like to spend more time doing? The answers to these questions are all up to you when you choose private tours. Here, you have control over your time, which means that you can choose to spend more time sampling local dishes or soaking in a hot spring.
  • Exclusivity: With private tours, you can choose to travel via private transportation that doesn’t involve other people. Private tours mean that you get more attention. If you are moving with older relatives, they will also be given the necessary specialized care. The local guides are basically running that tour for you, and your decisions matter.


  • More expensive than group tours: Private tours have mostly good sides that this could count as the only disadvantage with them. You will be paying a little more than if you went for group tours. However, with affordable tour companies like Reykjavik Outventure, you get full value at the best price as all the premium services will be available for your pleasure.

Group Tours

Want to move around with fellow travelers? Then, the group tours are your best bet. Here’s all you need to know about them:


  • Works with a tight budget: Group tours are usually relatively cheaper than private tours. You are also eligible for special entries and lots of group discounts, which means that you will be spending less. This gives you value at a great price
  • Make new friends: There is a distinct advantage of moving in groups, and that is the opportunity to make new friends. With group tours, you will be meeting a lot of people along the way. Despite how global the world has become, it’s ironic that a lot of us find it challenging to meet new people. Well, when you go on a group tour in Iceland, you will be able to create lots of memories with your new friends and look back at your travel photos years later with a wide smile.


  • Tight schedule: With group tours, you don’t have a lot of control over where you’re going or when. All destinations are already fixed, along with a specific time frame. This means that you may end up having little to no flexibility. You could also get delayed if someone doesn’t show up early
  • Sharing a ride: If you are very particular about your personal space, you may not enjoy having to share transportation with your fellow travelers. This is also the same for those who are not so keen on meeting new people. However, if you’re dreaming of a private day tour with a more comfortable ride, then what you need is a private tour

Of course, you need to understand both sides of the coin to make an informed decision. However, choosing to go on private tours in Iceland will give you one of the best experiences ever. Now, more than ever, you need to move with a little less crowd to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

With private tours, you won’t only be enjoying all the perks of privacy, but you will also be doing this while maintaining the standard social distancing measures to stay safe from the coronavirus.

The next step is picking the right tour company for your private tours. If you’re going to spending that extra buck on private tours, you want to make the best choice that will give you excellent value for your money. And that’s where we come in. Reykjavik Outventure is here to give you a taste of Iceland while keeping you safe all through your vacation.

Need some more convincing? Well, let’s tell you all about Reykjavik Outventure.

Glacier hike in Iceland our

Why Reykjavik Outventure stands out

Reykjavik Outventure is a family-owned tour operator company dedicated to showing you the best of Iceland at amazing prices. Sure, there are lots of tour companies available today, but there are several things that set us apart. Apart from the fact that we focus on giving you 100% satisfaction where our private tours have maximum flexibility, we also offer premium services, unlike any you will see elsewhere. Our private tours are a fun way to create new memories with your friends and family. So, what makes us stand out?
Here are a few things:

Move with only those you want: Our private tours are as exclusive as they are meant to be. With Reykjavik Outventure, your satisfaction matters, and we will create a tour that fits your preferences perfectly. With our private tours, you don’t have to worry about moving around with someone you don’t get along with. If you’re not a fan of crowds, our private tours will give you all the privacy you need to fully relax as you immerse yourself in the Iceland experience. You can come along with your friends and family, the people that you are more comfortable going on a tour with.

Secret perks: Not every spot is accessible to everyone in Iceland, but our local guides have access to the best ones that are not public knowledge. With our private tours, you get exclusive access to places that are not on the map, and that adds to the pleasure of being in Iceland. All our private tours are detailed and tailored to your convenience. Whether it’s having dinner at a real Viking’s house or spending a long time soaking in the Blue Lagoon, we have it all ready for you.

A fun customized tour: With Reykjavik Outventure, you will be traveling as a real local on routes that you love to go on. Our private tours give you the everyday feel of the real Iceland, and the best part is that it is all tailored to your schedule

There is always a surprise waiting: You think you know all the best restaurants, fun activities, and must-have experiences until you get on our private tours. Yes, your extensive research will reveal a lot of things, but not all the best spots have been shared on social media. All our private tours come with a special surprise for you as we are always seeking new experiences for our guests. We go beyond your radar.

Experienced local guides: One of the most important things during tours is to move around with local guides that know the terrain like the back of their hands. Our tour guides are all experienced and have probably hiked up the different trails more than a dozen times. However, it is more than their knowledge of the routes as it also includes exciting stories for every spot. Every attraction has its unique myth and history. Our guides are only too happy to share them with you in a lively manner that creates vivid images. Get ready for a thrilling time at Reykjavik Outventure.

We will make every moment count: Spending your vacation time in Iceland is not something that you can do every other week, especially if you have a demanding job. Therefore, when you finally get the opportunity to get some time off, you would want every moment to count. Reykjavik Outventure specializes in this. We understand that you would want to get the best of Iceland. We are committed to making that happen with experienced local guides and an impressive itinerary.

Private tours in Iceland

Private tours to check out

Private tours are the best choices in this COVID-19 times, and here is a selection of our top ones to check out when you visit Iceland.

Private Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour

On this private Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour, you will get to discover several hidden gems in Iceland. Your itinerary includes Saxhóll, Búðir, Kirkjufell, Arnarstapi, and Djúpalón. This peninsula has some of the best spots where you will have a magical experience. There is also a lot of history here, which our local guide will only be too happy to share with you.

This tour includes a visit to old abandoned farms, small fishing villages, and even walking on a volcanic crater. You will be amazed.

Private South Coast, Glacier Lagoon & Ice Cave

On this private tour with a maximum of six people, you will check out the Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. You will also be spending some time at the glacier lagoon, diamond beach, and black sand beach. It’s going to be an exciting adventure with our experienced local guide as you move from Reykjavik towards the waterfalls. These have walking trails where you may be lucky enough to sigh a rainbow on sunny days.

Here is a fun fact: some Game of Thrones scenes were filmed at the Skogafoss waterfall. You will also admire basaltic cliffs at the black sand beach. Just before heading east, you will get to be a part of one of the most popular activities in Iceland: ice caving. You will be on the biggest glacier in Iceland and the freedom to take tons of pictures.

Have you ever seen a beach filled with diamonds? Well, you will get to see that at the black sand beach.

Private Reykjanes Peninsula tour

Our private tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula is one-of-a-kind. There are so many amazing sights here on this amazing peninsula. On this tour, you will see a lot of the fisherman’s life in Iceland. While en-route to your first stop, our local guide will tell you amazing stories about the trolls and elves.

You will be surprised to know how it all started. In the northern part of Reykjanes are two lighthouses, which you will check out. You will also be visiting the oldest village on the peninsula, which is, of course, filled with gems and history.

This is the location of the Black Church and the tectonic plate between two continents. Here, you will witness how these plates are moving apart before checking out the stunning cliffs. To end this tour on an interesting note, you will be swimming in a small pool in the lava cliffs.

reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland

Private South Coast tour + Glacier touch

Here is your chance to experience the south coast like never before. This was the spot where the first settler stepped on dry land and the home of several historical events. So, you will be stepping on a place filled with lava, waterfalls, and history. On this private south coast tour, your first stop will be at the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. You will also gain access to the hiking trail beside it before heading over the Cape

Dyrhóley, the home of pure magic. You can admire the black sand beach around you and the Katla volcano while on this Cape. It wouldn’t hurt to check out the puffin colony here in summer. During this private south coast tour, you can also check out the lava exhibition in Hvolfsvollur. This is 100% optional and one of the instances of exclusivity you enjoy on our private tours. However, it’s always awesome to go to this exhibition where you will get the feeling of live eruptions and earthquakes.

Travel with confidence with Reykjavik Outventure. Over the years since our establishment, we have maintained an impressive track record of travelers who found that joining our private tours was one of the best decisions they ever made. You can enjoy so many activities in Iceland with our VIP tours designed exclusively for you.

reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland
reykjavik tours iceland

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