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How much are taxis in Reykjavik

When you are travelling, you are always thinking about the cost of everything. That is just normal. It can be difficult for you to plan your trip when you have no idea how much everything costs.
Some are travelling on a low budget but want to travel comfortable and in a good way. That is not always possible, especially when you are travelling to a country where everything costs a lot and is expensive.
There are few countries in the world which are expensive and some more than others.
Iceland is in top 3 I think. Iceland is extremely expensive and there is a good reason for that.
After the bank crash in 2008 the Icelandic nation was fucked in a way. We were in a lot of debt and did not know how to get out of it.
So the government back then put really high taxes on everything.
We are only 350.000 people living in Iceland and these people have to pay for everything. A lot of people think everything in Iceland is expensive because of greed. That is far from the truth though.

What To Do In Iceland

The International airport is located in around 1 hour drive from city center. We have not train from the airport to the city. We have no train at all in Iceland. So either you have to take a bus, taxi or rent a car.

What To Do In Iceland

Bus is probably the cheapest option, although it is not cheap. But it is cheap compared to the other 2 options.
Reykjavik Excursions offer the seat one way for 3.299ISK.
All the other ones offer it for a similar price.

Renting a car only for the drive between is probably not the smartest choice. It can be anywhere between 13.000ISk and a lot more.

If you will take Taxi, I recommend negotiating the price with the cab driver first. Then you can maybe get the price for 15.000ISK to 17.000ISK.
If you do not do that, it can go up to 21.000ISk.

Be ready for everything in Iceland to be expensive.

We wish you a nice stay in Iceland 

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