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How is the weather in Iceland in July?

As much as I‘d like to be able to tell you exactly, I‘m afraid it‘s completely impossible. Meteorologists have a hard time properly predicting tomorrow’s weather. Let alone an entire summer or a month. No two years are the same in Iceland. Next summer could be the best summer ever in Iceland, or absolutely the worst. Or just something in between. The summer of 2018 was probably the worst summer in decades. It literally rained all summer. But even if it rains it can still be warm. And there is a 90% chance of rain. Don‘t expect Mediterranean weather!
It is likely that it will rain somewhat. There will be some sunny days, or we at least persist on hoping. All snow has disappeared from the mountains and the highlands have become reasonably dry, even if it could rain some days. When I say dry I mean that there‘s not slippery mud all over the place and that there‘s nosmall lakes where there usually aren‘t any. Everything‘s turned green and is in full bloom around this time. You could get stung by an angry hornet who‘s fed up of the everchanging rain and sun.

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The temperature in July is about 10-25 degrees Celsius. Depending where in the country you are. It‘s usually warmer in the North because there they have two suns. Usually there are more rainy days down South. During night time the average temperature is around 5-10 degrees C.

How should I dress in July?

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Be prepared for anything! Don‘t be the guy who expected summer and sun in Iceland only to end up wet and cold. Be prepared for anything in Iceland. Bring a few extra pairs of socks because you will need to change socks. It‘s smart to bring a raincoat, especially if you‘re travelling to places with waterfalls and hot springs. Waterfalls exude a lot of mist, especially if you get up close or, like with Seljalandsfoss, you can walk behind them. There‘s also quite a lot of steam around hot springs which can make one a bit damp. I also recommend bringing waterproof pants, especially if you‘re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors.
And don‘t forget hiking boots! Even better if they‘re waterproof. You don‘t want to be wearing a pair of Converse out here.
It‘s good to bring something light and comfortable like a sweater to wear outside when it‘s warm, especially if you‘re mountain hiking. Bring a pair of shorts as well. You NEVER know what to expect in Iceland. It could even snow, although that‘s very unlikely.
If you want to buy Icelandic outdoor wear, Reykjavik Outventure has a fair discount with one of the best brands, Icewear. Just contact us and we‘ll help you dress for Icelandic nature.
We look forward to having you in Iceland and hope to see you😊

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