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Everything about Hiking in Iceland

Iceland possesses one of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. This island abundant country is alien looking yet has magnificent mountains. Much of its mountainous past is based on volcanic eruptions since ancient times, with this in mind, you will love to book a Private Volcano Eruption hike tour so henceforth its scenic beauty is surrounded by incredible mountains.

Everything about Hiking in Iceland - Breathtaking landscapes

Now where there are mountains, there are hiking trails so no doubt there is a great number of Iceland trails in existence throughout the country. Hiking enthusiasts should rejoice at the prospect of seeing this country’s various trails if they have not already seen them. Iceland trails are unique in their details and effortlessly differentiate itself from trails all over the world. It is because its mountains and the landscape all around the country is very beautiful yet somewhat alien-like. It is something that may have been never before seen if you have not been to Iceland before.

Avid international hikers should give the Iceland trails a chance as they are really are missing out on a great culture, brilliant hiking trails and all-around nice people. That is if you did not get the chance to visit as many hiking aficionados and tourists alike have already been to this country.

Whatever the level a hiker has, Iceland looks like a place that was created with hikers in mind, so here even the most experienced of hikers may falter. The experienced hikers may take it as a challenge but the Iceland trails really are challenging that even the great cliffhangers may want to hold their breath. This does not mean that Iceland does not have easier trails. In fact, Iceland boasts hiking trails for all abilities and ages. It possesses all kinds of trails, from easier one-day trails to the much harder multi-day treks.

Iceland essentially is sculpted with thousands of dashing rivers, majestic canyons and icy valleys. What’s more is that it is surrounded by different volcanic peaks, which nowadays are just calm and lost in their demeanor. The Iceland trails sweep, twirls, and swirls along these or in between these scenic beauties. We mean what could a trail hiker ask for more, long trails with beautiful environments and surrounding that pass by. The hiker can even pause the hike to absorb the heaven-like and picturesque scenery in the resting period. Or the hiker could just swallow the fresh water of nearby waterfalls that may surprise you along the trails. Iceland is known to have these in abundant capacity. They decorate the trials menagerie-style and you will lose count of them along the way. If you did not know there are even black sand beaches made of basalt nearby some of the Iceland trails.

Iceland’s best hiking and trekking trails:

What your level might be, there is something for everybody, no matter what the experience level may be as it was previously mentioned. Now, these are going to be our recommendations but does not mean that you have to do them. We support free spirit so that means your destination for the Iceland trails. One thing is for sure though that whichever the trail you may choose to do, you are guaranteed to have fun on it. So, let’s get on it.

The Laugavegur(inn) Multi-Day Trek:

This is a 55km (34 miles) hike or trek between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk. It is the most famous of all the Iceland trails. This hike was named after the most legendary street of Reykjavik. Most individuals are able to complete this in 4 to 5 days and stay in a cabin along the way for an overnight stay. This hike is renowned because of the stunning views it provides to its visitors. This is where you can explore some of the most beautiful rhyolite mountains, lava fields that are essentially vast, and incredible hot springs.

hike or trek between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk

You may any souvenir stores, shops or restaurants in this trail as all that encompasses this popular trail is splendid scenery. All of your peripheral vision is going to gush at the scenic beauty all around you. You will find lush green valleys, awe-inspiring ranges of mountains and monumental rock formations along your hike to Þórsmörk. For overnight stays, you can reserve a booking at mountain huts Hrafntinnusker, Hvanngil, Emstrur, and Álftavatn. If you somehow forgot to do a booking for the huts then you can camp outside or nearby the huts (Do not forget to bring a tent though!). It is best for intermediate hikers who are used to long and multi-day hikes.

If this hike is not enough you with you can always extend your hike to Fimmvörðuháls nearby. This is a beautiful area between Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers whose views can take your breath away. You will need to have a Highland Hiker’s passport that you can get from the starting point of the said trail f you are taking a bus for easy picking and dropping. Or you can just hop in your car, and park it in Þórsmörk then start the trek.

hike to Fimmvörðuháls


If you want to plan your hike from Fimmvörðuháls itself then it is also a good choice. To initiate hike, you should have your starting point at Skogar and the hike will end at Þórsmörk. Although the hike itself is 10 to 12 hours long, many hikers of this Iceland trail decide to do it in two days. Usually by resting a cabin or a hut along the way.

You can get a reservation at one of the cabins or huts of this trek/trail through Reykjavik Outventure. You will also need to have a Highland Hiker’s passport that you can get from the starting point of the said trail if you are taking a bus for easy picking and dropping. You can also hop on your ride, park it in Þórsmörk, and then initiate the trek from there.

The Laugavegur(inn) and Fimmvörðuháls multi-day hike is also another way to do a hike. This hike will extend Laugavegur hike to Fimmvörðuháls, which makes it a little longer the before (around 4 to 8 days). Both of them together were voted as the world’s best hiking trail by the National Geographic. Get yourself a closer look at the heart of pristine glaciers of Iceland through this route.

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The Laugavegur(inn) and Fimmvörðuháls multi-day hike

Hiking in Landmannalaugar:

The meaning of its name literally translates into ” The Pools of People”. It is the premier destination of all the Iceland Trails and Treks. The geothermal activity in this place is outstanding because it keeps the rivers and streams in it warm. Henceforth, these river and streams are perfect for bathing and swimming in the area. These activities can be a nice addition to hiking and can complement it, especially after a long hike. It would be good to relax your body into the wet realms of Iceland that are also very warm. Now enjoy the Private Volcanic Landmannlaugar tour. Experiencing new places should be your first priority.

A kaleidoscopic view of this area arises when you get to the top of mountains. You will marvel at what you will be saying at this part of the earth. The view has made Landmannalaugar a very popular destination for the photographers all around the world. This part of Landmannalaugar is inaccessible at the time other than the season in mid-June to early July that is if the weather is permitting. These features make this Iceland trail very interesting to people all around the world. Many blogging travelers also sing praises for this very place and it would be a cardinal sin to not to visit. This Iceland trail should be one of the things on your to-do list.

Three different kinds of major hikes can be taken on the land of Landmannalaugar. The first can be initiated on be on the raven-black field of lava at the edge of Landmannalaugar to the peak of Mount Brennisteinsalda. Brennisteinsalda literally means “Sulphur Wave” and is a major 855m volcano peak in Iceland. Its name derives from the sulfur spots it produces on its surface. It takes 2 hours to complete this one.

The second one takes place on Mount Blahnjakur, whose meaning translates to the English world “Blue Peak”. Visitors and hikers alike will be amazed by the surrounding lava spots and settled ash of old eruption. These mountains come between the ranges of Brennisteinsalda. Once you get to the top of it the view becomes a must for an avid photographer because one can see 5 different glaciers from this point. It only takes one hour to complete this part of Landmannalaugar Iceland trail.

The third one is called the “Ugly Puddle” in English and it takes around 4 hours to get to the Ljotipollur Crater Lake. The name itself does a disservice to the actual lake, which is very beautiful in reality. The actual lake possesses many scarlet colored trout-filled streams that swirl inside the crater encompassed by black gravel outside, which is a complete contrast to it.

Mount Esja:

Mount Esja (often called Esjan) is also a beautiful mountain with a terrific Iceland trail. Esja is Reykjavik mountain just on the outskirts of it. For reaching the roots of the mountain you can take an inner city-bus from the bus stop called ‘Esjurætur – Hiking Center’.

Mount Esja Hike Iceland - Mt. Esja Hike Iceland

While towering only at 914 meters long, its climb and hike are still considered considerably difficult for a novice hiker. Especially at the top of the mountain hiking goes of the park and literally the only thing you can do it is climb the surface of Esja. Ropes and steps are provided for the climb. It is all worth it for the spectacular view that the peak of this mountain will provide.

The hike to this mountain can be divided into 6 different sections or routes. The easiest one is Þverfellshorn, at 780 meters high. The top of the mountain itself is difficult to reach that even the experienced hikers refrain to go there. When they do decide to go for the top then they are suggested not to do it in the winter weather. It is because of the accidental avalanches is can cause. One can go there if the weather is permitting it. The ascend is 2 hours long and the descent is around 3 to 4 hours long.

Reykjavik Outventure Tour on Mount Esja with Icelandic Fish, beers & geothermal bath:

Our guided tour to Mount Esja can make the experience of Iceland Trail more exhilarating leaving you feeling wanting for more. Together with the guided hike we provide, we also offer you the options of food and swimming that can make your visit to Mount Esja memorable and lively. It may become the most fun you will ever have in any place of the world.

First, we will take you on a 30 min bus ride that will take us to this Iceland trail, all the while Icelandic music entertains you for the time being. Before we go on to this Iceland trail we will fill up our water bottles from the nearby brook that provides fresh sparkling water.

Afterward the water filling, we will begin our ascent to the point that is near the top of the mountain. When we reach this position we will provide refreshments before we make the descent again. This way you will gather your energy and have fun to play songs to a nice spectacular view. Next, you will test yourself and your companions at Lágafellslaug swimming pool when we come down from the Reykjavik’s nearby Iceland trail.

After the swim, we will be well on our way to our last drop called the Kopar Restaurant. Yes, we will not leave you hungry from our guided tour to a famous Iceland trail called Mount Esja. Your arrival will greet an Icelandic fish, a yummy cake and lots of beers. After this, we will say our Goodbyes. All this will take around 5 hours and the starting time will 9:00 am from your hotel. We hope we you soon for the next adventure and do not forget to visit for information and blogs about all things Icelandic and the related tours we can give.

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