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One of locals favourite hike is mount Esja. That´s because it´s just a few minutes outside our homes. It has the best view over Reykjavik and the area around the city.
It´s a great exercise and a great way to get in touch with the nature.

Mt Esja is the mountain I´ve been hiking the most. It all started in 2006, before that I was a city person. I got bored just being in the countryside for more than two day. It didn´t cross my mind to hike a mountain, just to get all sweaty, dirty and tired, but it was all about to change. The summer of 2006, I hiked Mt Esja a few times before I went to hike in Peru. Ever since I´ve been hiking Mt Esja many times a year. You could say it‘s my training mountain. I use it to improve my cardio. So most of the time, I´m timing myself. My best time so far is 45 minutes to the Stone.

Hike on mt esja - esja hike

Recently I wanted to do a mindful Mt Esja hike, to get back the same feeling I got the first time. I set my mind on being aware of everything around me.
It was a nice day and many people on the trails. All kinds of people: families, travelers and runners.
Everybody enjoying the mountain on their own terms.

Hike on mount esja - iceland trail

The most common trail is the one that leads from Mógilsá. In the beginning the trail is very flowery, and a nice brook is running alongside  it.
After a short walk, you come to a crossroads, from there you can take two different trails. I always choose the one to the left, because it is steeper.
Most of the time I descend on the other one, because it is easier on my knees.

Iceland hiking up on mount esja - mosfellsbær

These two trails meet at a large stone, which is called „Steinn“ in Icelandic, and it means „Stone“.
From the Stone is a splendid view, that includes Reykjavík, the town Mosfellsbær and the surrounding countryside.

If you want to go all the way to the peak Þverfellshorn, you can continue on the path from the Stone to the cliffs. That one is pretty steep.
When you come to the cliffs you should always follow the path, the signs, the steps and the chains. If you don‘t, you could end up in a deadlock.
Mainly I hike to the Stone, but once in a while I go all the way up.

Hike on mount esja - iceland hiking

Mt Esja is a famous mountain, it even has it‘s own song. It‘s the pride of Reykjavik and not so far from the city.
If you want to have a nice day in the mountains, and don‘t want to travel to far, I recommend Mt Esja.
You won‘t be disappointed.

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mt esja - ejsan gönguleiðir

-Harpa the hiker

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