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Hike on mount Akrafjall

I love hiking. I take every opportunity to do it. I´ve hiked all over the world. All the way from Iceland to Japan.
What I love about Iceland, is that you don´t have to go far to get your hike. You can almost walk out of your home door and right up the mountain.

That’s what I did on a foggy day in May. We wanted to hike a mountain called Vörðuskeggi, close to Reykjavik,
but because of the fog we wouldn´t have gotten any view from the top, anyway. Therefore we decided to drive to the sun,
and it didn´t take long to find it. When we came out of the tunnel, Hvalfjardargöng, there it was, bright and shiny.

Akranes peninsula - akrafjall
We were headed to the mountain Akrafjall, which is located on the Akranes peninsula ,
between Hvalfjarðargöng and Leirvogur. It is an eye-catching mountain, and its highest peak is Geirmundartindur 643 meters.
When you face the mountain, Geirmundartindur is to the left and another peak, Háihnúkur on the right, it is a little lower.
There is also a possibility to walk around on the mountain.
Mount Akrafjall - Iceland hiking

Our hike to Geirmundartindur was very plesant.
It was a peaceful day, not many hikers, and the weather was nice and calm.
Even the birds at the cliffs, laying on their eggs, were at ease.
The hike was relatively easy and when we got to the top we had a magnificient view, one of the best views in Western Iceland.
The panoramic view streches from the Reykjanes peninsula to Snæfellsness peninsula, where we spotted it resindent glacial volcano Snæfellsjökull.
From the top we also spotted Reykjavik and the town Akranes.
Iceland hiking - Reykjarvík and Akranes

This gloomy and foggy day turned out to be a sunny, amazing day for the Akrafjall hike in mountains.


-Harpa the hiker


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