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Reykjavik museum, drink and food tour with an awesome local guide!

Capital. Reykjavik. Where most hearts of Iceland have gathered. Mine, for sure is one of them (just a small difference, mine had to fly here for 4 hours). I´ve been exploring this city for 2 years now. Have I changed my point of view? Every day. That‘s why I never get bored of it. Same street, different mood, like the weather here. Even if you check the forecast every hour.

I am not an Icelander as you probably might have figured that out already, so for me learning about this country would be, i will let myself exaggerate a little, impossible without help of locals. I am pretty sure, we are sharing similar mindset, that‘s why you are looking for a guidance over your stay here. Me too! Aaaand I like to talk, or to say it in a subtle way, share my experiences.

perlan iceland - things to do in reykjavik

The start of the tour:

The tour started at Perlan, the museum, where me and my friend met 8 more hands waving at us, including our guide. Goal: Rooftop. First glimpse of Reykjavik from above. The scenery is YES! You just have to climb those stairs and see it for yourself. Heart will skip a beat.

iceland brennivin - reykjavik restaurants

Towards City Center:

After all drooling over the view, there‘s more to see, everybody calmly started walking towards the city center. Don‘t worry, Reykjavik is not that big, you won‘t get tired. Little stop at the park helped us because there was a little boosting surprise that guide prepared for us. What a considerate gesture. No teasing. Some tasting of a local drink and some bites. The next stop after that was even more fun to experience. Aaand that‘s another famous museum of Reykjavik. Yes you know it, Phallological museum. Small space, a lot to see.

icelandic phallological museum - reykjavik museums

Few circles around and we kept going. Main street Laugavegur, Hallgrímskirkja church, Icewear shop, you will be even allowed to buy something nice for yourself maybe even with a good price. Hm. You never know (smiling from one ear to another).

ice wear - what to do in reykjavik

The next destination:

Next destination, Brauð og Co, smells like cinnamon. Another one after that, Ostabúðin, has more of sour taste. There you had a taste of Icelandic cheeses and lamb fillet, horse fillet and smoked goose. Both places are incredibly cozy and have tastes you are craving.

Brunch in reykjavik - places to eat in reykjavik reykjavik sightseeing - ostabudin

The last stop of the walking tour:

Last stop in this walking tour (you will be grateful you walked all this way to feel hungry again), restaurant by the harbor, Kopar. There we had the most amazing fish and beer tasting. I don´t even know what was better, all the food or all the laughter. No, there was no one entertaining us except ourselves. Well, maybe the beer. Jokes aside. Evening has left me with a warm tingling sensation.

kopar restaurant - old harbourreykjavik walking tour - reykjavik harbour

Walking tour. Small group. Places to see that probably most of the adventurers miss out. New experiences for your taste buds. Smile, explore, more smiles. Simple joy, works every time!
Tour that starts at the museum and ends with an amazing food – all you need while you are here, in Reykjavik!

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