Although hiking on the glacier can take a few hours, there are a few other activities you can take part in with a guide. Here is a list of fun activities during the Iceland glacier hiking.

Go Snowmobiling

One of the most incredible thrills during Iceland’s glacier hiking has to be taking a break to speed across the frozen landscape while taking in the full view of the glacier. Riding over the glaciers, especially during the summer, is one thing everyone has to experience. While snowmobiling in Myrdalsjokull, you get a view of South Iceland. You can either drive the snowmobile alone or with the aid of a licensed snowmobile driver. In Langjokull you will get the best views of the glacier hike in Iceland. Once you get a hang of snowmobiling, you will realize how fun it is to add it to your hiking adventure.

Snowmobile tour on Langjökull glacier in Iceland


Ice Climbing

Have you ever imagined what 6,500ft of ice looks like? This is what you get to see and more when you join the Skaftafell tour to climb while in Flakjokull. With each climbing session, there is a new crevasse. There is so much to explore and the Skaftafell tour allows you to stay up to 3 hours on the glacier. You do not need to be an expert to go ice climbing but it is important to note that ice climbing requires a level of fitness. Once you have a guide, you’ll enjoy this fun activity.

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The first thing to know before considering camping in the glacier is that there are designated campgrounds. Although most of the campgrounds are only available by reservation, you can also make inquiries with your tour guide. It is no doubt that camping has both physical and mental benefits. Make sure you visit the NPC website for camping rules and regulations.

Explore Ice Caves

Another thrilling activity to give you a break from hiking in the glacier is ice caving. The glacier cave or ice cave is mostly formed at the edge of a glacier. It is best to do this in November through March or ask your tour guide. The guides know the perfect ice caves for you to explore. Ensure you wear the right caving helmet and protective gear while you embark on this adventure.

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Glacier Hiking Iceland FAQ

Can I hike while it’s raining?

Rainfall is common in Iceland during the winter. We recommend you wear protective gear as this will protect you if the weather changes.

Are cameras allowed?

The glaciers in Iceland have stunning scenery and they deserve to be captured. Always ask your hiking guide for assistance to take pictures.

Can I hike alone?

No, it’s best to go as a group in the company of a hiking guide. This way, you won’t worry about falling into a broken crevasse or getting rescued in case of an accident.

What should I wear on a glacier hike?

It is advisable to have protective wear on. This can include gloves, ankle-supporting walking boots, waterproof pants, a hat, and a helmet.

How long does it take to go glacier hiking in Iceland?

The most popular hiking length is 3 hours. The number of hours depends on your glacier tour.

Can a pregnant person go hiking?

Although pregnant women are not stopped from going glacier hiking in Iceland, it is a personal decision. It is best to make inquiries from your physician if it’s okay to go glacier hiking.

Do I need a backpack?

Yes, you will need a backpack. You can either bring one or hire from the limited backpacks we have.

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