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What animals are in Iceland 

Iceland is home to some of the world’s most iconic and interesting animals. The land [...]

The Hidden Gems in Iceland 

If there is one thing your bucket list needs to have, it should be exploring [...]

The Kp Index: Your Gateway to the Northern Lights  

What is the Kp Index? The beauty of the Northern Lights is a sight to [...]

Safety Tips for Polar Bear Attacks or Sightings

Although polar bears are not native to Iceland, here are a few tips to know [...]

What is the largest waterfall by volume in Iceland?

Iceland is the land of waterfalls. We have countless waterfalls in Iceland and even more [...]

Glaciers on Iceland: Everything about them

Iceland is notoriously covered in ice for 11% of its land. Well, the popular guess [...]

Northern Lights and its Kp number

The northern lights are one of the most impressive sights in Iceland, and it’s no [...]

Blue Lagoon in Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

The Blue Lagoon is a famous hot spring on the island of fire and ice. [...]

Hvammsvík: New Geothermal Luxury Sea Baths in Iceland

Visiting Iceland’s picturesque geothermal luxury sea bath is a must for anybody traveling there. You [...]

Iceland time and the best time to visit Iceland

Understand the Iceland time and what time is the best for you to visit Iceland [...]

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