The Blue Lagoon is a famous hot spring on the island of fire and ice. It is a popular geothermal spa that helps you rejuvenate and relax. As a tourist attraction, the Blue Lagoon has healing powers for skin conditions. The healing effects the Blue Lagoon offers comes from the soft white silica mud and the steamy mineral-rich water. The blue lagoon geothermal spa is located in the southwestern part of Iceland. It is open to both locals and tourists. If you want to experience the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, this article will serve as a guide, giving you insight into everything you need to know.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

  1. The Blue Lagoon is in the southwestern part of Iceland and close to the town of Grindavik. It is 45 minutes from Reykjavik. There are two ways to reach the man-made spa, either by car or by bus. The bus service is comfortable and they run an hourly schedule which allows you to get to the spa easily. With a car, the journey from Keflavik International Airport takes 15 minutes. One thing to note is that parking is free. There are volcanic landscapes around the Blue Lagoon and this gives visitors new things to explore.
  2. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is made of renewable geothermal seawater. The water is naturally renewed every 40 hours. The water in the Blue Lagoon is 30% freshwater and 70% ocean water. The water gets its blue color from the sun’s reflection on the silica. The water is safe on the skin and your ticket allows you to stay in it the entire day. The Blue Lagoon water is mostly warm and heated at 37-40 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature of the water changes with the weather, it is mostly kept warm to allow relaxing baths.
  3. The Blue Lagoon is open all year round. The spa is often crowded during the summer because it is one of the most popular times of the year for people to visit Iceland. When you visit the Blue Lagoon during the summer, the weather is sunny and warm which is perfect for an Icelandic exploration. During October and November, the crowd at the spa is less or thinned out. The best time of the day to visit the spa will be in the evening, this way you may see the northern lights and also enjoy the comfort of an almost space. The lagoon has a limited number of people who can get in daily. With how large the size of the Blue Lagoon is, you can always find a quiet spot to enjoy the scenery.
  4. Did you know the Blue Lagoon in Iceland has skin health benefits? The minerals present in the Blue Lagoon hydrate and revitalize the body. The algae aid collagen production. The presence of collagen in the skin or as a skin treatment gives a youthful look and keeps the skin from sagging. The Blue Lagoon has silica which absorbs oil from the skin. Not only does it rejuvenate the skin, but it also helps with acne and skin conditions like eczema. The Iceland National Health Services approves the geothermal spa for the treatment of psoriasis.

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While at the lagoon, you can also indulge in a mud mask bath. The silica and algae mud mask has several benefits for your body and will leave your skin looking smoother and firmer. The Blue Lagoon Company has skincare products that range from serums to masks and moisturizers. If you missed getting this while at the spa, there are shops around the airport where you can pick them up. Several years of research have proved that geothermal water has skin health benefits.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

  1. The Blue Lagoon does not focus on nourishing your soul alone, they have dining options for you to choose from. No, the Blue Lagoon does not allow you to come in with your food. However, depending on your ticket, you may have access to a complimentary drink. Depending on the restaurant you choose, the menu differs. There is a vegan menu and another with traditional Icelandic cuisine. When it comes to eating while at the Blue Lagoon, the options are almost endless. The Spa Restaurant allows you to enjoy fresh and light dishes while comfortably wearing your robe. The Moss restaurant has a tasting menu and offers an intimate atmosphere. Each restaurant has a special offer and the best dishes for both locals and visitors.
  2. The Blue Lagoon has age-specific safety rules and it is advisable to follow them. Children from the age of 2 are allowed to be in the lagoon. However, children between the ages of 2 and 13 are expected to be in the company of an adult. There are free inflatable armbands for children between the ages of 2 and 8. These floaties help to keep them safe while in the lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is 1.4m/4.7 feet deep, therefore guardians are expected to cautiously supervise their children while in the lagoon. Young adults between the age of 14 and 17 should visit the lagoon in the company of a supervisor.
  3. There are several ticket packages to allow you entrance to the Blue Lagoon. The prices depend on the hour you choose and also when you book your ticket. You can find the cheapest prices in the morning or in the evening when it’s almost closing time. However, you should know that there are different packages for experiencing the Blue Lagoon. Every ticket or payment package has special benefits attached to them. The Comfort ticket comes highly recommended especially if you are visiting the lagoon alone.
  4. The Blue Lagoon has a private space for an in-water massage. The experience is relaxing and is worth the cost. While in the flotation mat, you get to enjoy either a 30 or 60 minutes massage with the best mineral oil Blue Lagoon has to offer. One thing to note is that there are different spa treatment procedures and they all are beneficial to your body and soul.

Tips For the Best Experience

Now that you know the basic facts about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, there are still tips to help you have the best experience either as a visitor or a local.

#Tip 1:

The hot bath can cause dehydration. While enjoying a soak in the lagoon, it is advisable to stay hydrated. When enjoying the warmth of the Blue Lagoon, you may forget to drink water.

#Tip2: Remember to take out your jewelry while getting into the lagoon. Not only will the water possibly destroy your jewelry, but there are also chances that you can lose them in the lagoon. It is advisable to keep your jewelry safely in the locker.

#Tip3: If you are visiting the lagoon on a sunny day, remember to use sunscreen and also wear your sunglasses. The sunlight reflects on the sun and without sunglasses, this can cause damage to your eyes. While in the lagoon, avoid wearing contact lenses. This is because when the silica in the water gets into your eyes, thanks to the contact lens, it will be painful.

#Tip4: While at the Blue Lagoon, do not shy away from using the free silica mud. It is free to guests. Silica helps to reduce aging and improves the texture of the skin. Yes, silica is safe for the face, so when you are at the lagoon, smear as much as you can on your body and enjoy all the skin benefits it has to offer. Ensure to ask the lagoon staff for a free sample while leaving.

#Tip5: If you plan on visiting the Blue Lagoon, you will need swimwear. For the ladies, wearing a one-piece bikini is advisable as this will offer extra warmth while in the thermal bath.

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The Blue Lagoon vs Mytvan Baths

Did you know the Mytvan Baths is the Blue Lagoon of northern Iceland? It is at the edge of the Mytvan lakes.  You tend to have the same experience as visiting the Blue Lagoon only with fewer people. When you get a ticket to the Mytvan Blue Lagoon, you have access to a steam bath and also the cafe. There is a locker for you to keep your items just like you will find in the Blue Lagoon. They also have almost similar food menus in the restaurants. The Mytvan Bath is a third smaller than the Blue Lagoon but promises to give you the same Icelandic experience. Although the Blue Lagoon might be more popular, there are more vacancies in the Mytvan Bath. When next you book a trip to Iceland, ensure you explore either one of the two geothermal spas.


The Blue Lagoon is an excellent tourist site. It has soothing water and the water offers health benefits to the skin. The silica and the algae in the water help in the treatment of health conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The white sand beaches in the area also have coconut palm trees which serve as a nesting area for birds. From relaxing in the geothermal spa to enjoying the scenery, there is so much the Blue Lagoon has to offer.

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