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10 Smart Tips For An Iceland On A Budget Trip

In the ever-rising struggle for a work-life balance, it is no news that planning for a vacation should be a necessity. As the popular [...]

10 Tips for an Iceland Adventure on a Budget 2024

So many people are traveling to Iceland, and it’s easy to see why – the country continues to gain popularity for its stunning landscapes [...]

Beyond The Wall: A Journey To Iceland’s Glacial Wilderness

Have you ever heard of the existence of a land sculpted by fire and ice, where glaciers slumber alongside active volcanoes, and the wind [...]

Road Trip Across Iceland: The Ultimate Guide to a Self-Drive Adventure 

Iceland is mind-blowing, and it’s not a surprise that it’s on every traveler’s bucket list, considering its beautiful scenery. From expansive glaciers to shimmering [...]

10 Tips for an Iceland Adventure on a Budget

So many people are traveling to Iceland, and it’s easy to see why – the country continues to gain popularity for its stunning landscapes [...]

What animals are in Iceland 

Iceland is home to some of the world’s most iconic and interesting animals. The land of fire and ice has both mammals and marine [...]

The Hidden Gems in Iceland 

If there is one thing your bucket list needs to have, it should be exploring the hidden gems in Iceland. There is more to [...]

The Kp Index: Your Gateway to the Northern Lights  

What is the Kp Index? The beauty of the Northern Lights is a sight to behold, but do you know what helps people catch [...]

Safety Tips for Polar Bear Attacks or Sightings

Although polar bears are not native to Iceland, here are a few tips to know in case you come across one. It is important [...]

Fun Activities To Do While on a Glacier Hike

Although hiking on the glacier can take a few hours, there are a few other activities you can take part in with a guide. [...]

What is the largest waterfall by volume in Iceland?

Iceland is the land of waterfalls. We have countless waterfalls in Iceland and even more waterfalls are forming with nature’s seismic activity. Some are [...]

Glaciers on Iceland: Everything about them

Iceland is notoriously covered in ice for 11% of its land. Well, the popular guess is that for a country to have ice in [...]

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas In Iceland

Get ready to experience a Christmas unlike any other! Iceland, a country known for its stunning landscapes, hot springs, and Northern Lights. The country [...]

Best Time To Go To Iceland

Are you planning a trip to Iceland and wondering when the best time to go is? Well, let us tell you, Iceland has a [...]

Northern Lights and its Kp number

The northern lights are one of the most impressive sights in Iceland, and it’s no surprise that thousands of people visit each year to [...]

Top 10 Exciting Things To Do In Iceland When Holidaying

Is there anyone on Earth who doesn’t have a trip to Iceland on their bucket list? We think not. Whether it’s your first time [...]

Blue Lagoon in Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

The Blue Lagoon is a famous hot spring on the island of fire and ice. It is a popular geothermal spa that helps you [...]

Your 2023 Guide to Black Diamond Beach Iceland

Diamond Beach, Iceland, is probably the most searched-for and visited location in the country. Its beauty, ambiance, and scenery are literally breathtaking. Whether taking [...]

When does the Northern Lights season end in Iceland?

The Northern Lights are truly one of the most magical gifts of nature, but they are also super unpredictable. However, despite how unpredictable the [...]

Hvammsvík: New Geothermal Luxury Sea Baths in Iceland

Visiting Iceland’s picturesque geothermal luxury sea bath is a must for anybody traveling there. You can now soak in the springs’ healing waters while [...]

Aurora Forecast: How to read the Aurora forecast?

The aurora borealis forecast is a must-know if you want to see the elegant phenomenon that captivates everyone, but we must not forget that [...]

Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights in Iceland If lights could dance, they would give a beautiful display like those seen with the northern lights in Iceland. At [...]

Iceland time and the best time to visit Iceland

Understand the Iceland time and what time is the best for you to visit Iceland Iceland time is not all cut and dried like [...]

Private tours in Iceland

Private tours in Iceland We have to come to terms with a new reality: one where we have to live alongside the coronavirus until [...]

Glacier hike in Iceland

GLACIER HIKE IN ICELAND Iceland’s glaciers are considered the most enchanting in the world. Shining in pearl blue and silver, they cover 11% of [...]

Best hot springs in Iceland

Best Hot Springs in Iceland No doubt, you would have heard Iceland being referred to at some point as the land of “ice, fire, [...]

The glacier hike guide for Iceland

The glacier hike guide in Iceland Now that you have your flights booked, your lodging details all cross-checked, and tours are confirmed, you are [...]

Traditional Icelandic food in Reykjavik

  Whether you are visiting Iceland for the first time or returning for another visit, you will always be taken aback by the beauty [...]

Travel in Iceland after Coronavirus – COVID 19

  When the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Iceland in late February, the country swung into action to put into place a [...]

Glacier Activities In Iceland

GLACIER ACTIVITIES IN ICELAND It is always fun to tour Iceland, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without checking out glacier activities in Iceland. [...]

Safe travel in Iceland due to Corona virus – Covid-19.

Safe Travel in Iceland Iceland is tagged as the safest country in the world and has held that position for a very long time. [...]

Things To Do In Iceland In Winter

Things To Do In Iceland In Winter “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in the winter wonderland…” Just in case you didn’t know, [...]

How to Get to Keflavik Airport from Reykjavik

How to Get to Keflavik Airport from Reykjavik Are you a tourist, a visitor, or you recently just moved to Iceland, and you need [...]

Covid-19 – Corona Virus in Iceland

CORONA VIRUS IN ICELAND – COVID-19 One of the most significant pandemics in recent times is circulating the world, and of course, there are [...]

Apotek restaurant in Iceland

APOTEK RESTAURANT IN ICELAND What do you think is the best way to know a city or country? Well, the answer is through their [...]

Iceland South Coast

TOP ATTRACTIONS ON THE SOUTH COAST ROUTE Are you thinking of where to spend your next vacation? Then, head over to Iceland. In Iceland, [...]

How was Iceland formed

HOW ICELAND WAS FORMED Halfway between Greenland (a North American Island) and Northern Europe island and Sweden is an Island nation of an area [...]

Golden Circle Of Iceland In Winter

Experience The Golden Circle Of Iceland In Winter You’ve probably heard all the wonderful things about Iceland and why it’s such a popular tourist [...]

What To Do In Iceland In December

What To Do In Iceland In December Hi there! The holidays are here again yet another year and the world is beckoning to be [...]

What To Do In Iceland In Winter

What to do in Iceland In Winter Planning a trip to Iceland to spend your winter holiday and you’re wondering what you will be [...]

Best time to see northern lights in Iceland

BEST TIME TO SEE NORTHERN LIGHTS IN ICELAND The list of major attractions around the world is not complete without mentioning Iceland’s Northern Lights. [...]


MOST POPULAR TOURS IN ICELAND Visiting the vast and beautiful lands of Iceland has always been an excellent way to spend some vacation time. [...]

Things to do in Iceland in July

Things to do in Iceland in July Summer is no doubt the best time of the year to travel and see new places! Sure [...]


ARE THERE POLAR BEARS IN ICELAND? People have over the years asked if there are polar bears in Iceland, and the truest answer to [...]

Best Hikes Tours In Iceland

Best Hikes In Iceland Along with the health benefits of taking a hike, the parts of nature you come across during the hike make [...]

Where to Find Puffins in Iceland

Where to Find Puffins in Iceland It has been quite the shocker what’s been the star of Iceland in recent years. It is surprisingly [...]

Whale watching in Iceland Reykjavik files

Whale watching in Iceland & Reykjavik Whale watching in Iceland is very popular and is constantly becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants to [...]

Iceland Waterfalls:What is the largest waterfall by volume in Iceland?

What is the largest waterfall by volume in Iceland? Iceland is the land of waterfalls. We have countless waterfalls in Iceland and even more [...]

How much are taxis in Reykjavik

How much are taxis in Reykjavik When you are travelling, you are always thinking about the cost of everything. That is just normal. It [...]

What to pack for Iceland in June?

What to pack for Iceland in June? Are you heading to Iceland in June? Are you wondering what to pack? I’m going to give [...]

How long does it take to drive around Iceland?

How long does it take to drive around Iceland? How long does it take to drive the ring road around Iceland? That is a [...]

What to buy in Iceland

What to buy in Iceland? That’s a good question! Iceland has a lot of fun, good and unique products which you can’t get anywhere [...]

Iceland Winter Activities

Iceland Winter Activities Where should I begin with this blog? If you did not know, winter is Iceland‘s thing. Winter started in Iceland and [...]

Phallological Museum

Phallological Museum The Icelandic Phallological Museum must be Iceland’s best-known museum. This unconventional museum was founded in 1997 and houses the world’s largest collection [...]

Traditional Icelandic Food

Traditional Icelandic Food Since Iceland is surrounded by the sea it doesn’t come as a surprise that our cuisine is rich in fish and [...]

Books About Iceland

Books About Iceland Iceland is not only a nature paradise; it is also a heaven for the bookworm! More books are written, published and [...]

Museums in Icelend

Around Iceland in Eleven Museums As with Reykjavík, there’s a lot of excellent and entertaining museums around the country. More or less every town [...]

Museums in Reykjavik

Museums in Reykjavik For a small city, Reykjavik actually has a generous amount of good museums, most of them conveniently located downtown. If you’ve [...]

June in Iceland

June in Iceland What‘s it like to be in Iceland in June? What are some of the best things to do in Iceland in [...]

How is the weather in Iceland in July

How is the weather in Iceland in July? As much as I‘d like to be able to tell you exactly, I‘m afraid it‘s completely [...]

what side of the road does iceland drive on

What side of the road does iceland drive on To be able to travel on your own speed and just by yourself or with [...]

Icelandic wool sweater

Icelandic wool sweater In Iceland you have to dress warm 90% of the year. Even during summer! Iceland is not like most other countries, [...]

What To Do In Iceland In February

What To Do In Iceland In February February is the month of the Northern Lights. February is also one of the most popular months [...]

Food Tour In Iceland

What should one eat in Iceland? Food in Iceland is usually expensive and a tourist in a strange land in the North Atlantic doesn‘t [...]

Weather in Iceland in June

How is the weather in Iceland in June? This is probably one of the most difficult questions there is! It is entirely impossible to [...]

What to wear in Iceland in Winter

What to wear in Iceland in Winter To travel to Iceland is one great big adventure. You don‘t know what awaits you and even [...]

Iceland most popular tour Golden Circle

Why the Golden Circle is a must see place in Iceland Iceland is a land of many majestic locations. Incredible sights like lava fields, [...]

Golden Circle Tour

When can you frequently visit the Golden Circle in Iceland The Golden Circle is a renowned of Iceland that loops over from Reykjavik to [...]

Glaciers on Iceland: Everything about them

Glaciers on Iceland: Everything about them Iceland is notoriously covered in ice for the 11% of its land. We guess, which country would not [...]

Iceland’s Rise as a Football Nation Euro 2016

Iceland’s Rise as a Football Nation Euro 2016 Every Icelander will forever remember where they were as Iceland beat England in the Round of [...]

Layovers in Airports

Layovers in Airports During a scheduled transport method a layover (also referred to as way stations or a connection and is sometimes called stopovers) [...]

World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 Our entry into our first World Cup happened with a bang – we topped our group, placing above strong football nations [...]

Everything about Hiking in Iceland

Everything about Hiking in Iceland Iceland possesses one of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth. This island abundant country is alien looking yet has [...]

Icelandic Churches

What You Need To Know About Icelandic Churches (Hallgrimskirkja) Among the numerous countries scattered across the world, Iceland comes off as a country that [...]

Icelandic football

The History Of Icelandic Football The history of a location is usually incomplete without referring to certain factors specific to the said location. Some [...]

Religion in Iceland

The History Of Religion In Iceland There are so many factors that truly define and properly explain the history of a specific location. Cultural [...]

Fishing and farming in Iceland

Fishing and Farming in Iceland: Historical and Current Practices Icelandic residents have to survive the natural landscape and the cold harsh weather. This is [...]

History and culture of Reykjanes Peninsula

History, Geology, and Culture of Reykjanes Peninsula Reykjanes is located in the southwest corner of Iceland. This is where Iceland meets the Mid Atlantic [...]

The amazing volcanos in Iceland

The Amazing Volcanoes In Iceland It’s very understandable that when anyone hears the word volcano, they get scared and start to think about all [...]

Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland

A journey to remember – Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland We surely live in a big beautiful world where there is so much to explore that [...]

Icelandic meat traditions

Meat in Icelandic Cuisine: 5 great types of meat to know about Icelandic cuisine is mostly based on fish recipes but this does not [...]

Guided Reykjavik museum, drink and food walk with an awesome local guide

Reykjavik museum, drink and food tour with an awesome local guide! Capital. Reykjavik. Where most hearts of Iceland have gathered. Mine, for sure is [...]

Icelandic food traditions

The traditional cuisine of Iceland In the 9th Century, Norse Viking Warriors came to Iceland with one intention. The intention was to settle in [...]

Waterfalls in Iceland (famous waterfalls in iceland)

Waterfalls in Iceland Iceland is home to extravagant beauty which exemplifies nature in its purest form. The south coast Iceland’s waterfalls are the most [...]

Kolaportið in Reykjavik

Kolaportið in Reykjavik Kolaportið is a Reykjavik institution and the largest flea market in Iceland. It is very good for Iceland shopping. A weekend [...]

Book stores in Reykjavik

Book stores in Reykjavik, Iceland All evidence points towards Iceland being a nation of book worms. Icelanders read more than any other nationality in [...]

Icelandic beers

Icelandic beers Believe it or not, beer was banned in Iceland until 1989 (!) but we’ve come a long way since then. Icelandic hipsters [...]

Amazing Stopover in Reykjavik

Amazing Stopover in Reykjavik I had a 7 hours layover in Reykjavik while waiting for my flight back to New York. I had about [...]

Discover the Reykjanes Peninsula

Discover the Reykjanes Peninsula All travelers coming to Iceland will land at the Keflavik International Airport, located in the south-west part of the country [...]


Hiking Mt. Skeggi I have been hiking a lot, but I didn´t start until 2006. Before that I thought people who hiked were eccentric. [...]


Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Are you up for an adventure and want to experience something different, wild, raw, beautiful and magnificient. I know I am. [...]


Hot Swimming Pools in Reykjavík We Icelanders are very lucky to have geothermally heated running water in most of the inhabited part of the country. [...]


Hike on mount Akrafjall I love hiking. I take every opportunity to do it. I´ve hiked all over the world. All the way from [...]


GET TO KNOW THE OLD HARBOR IN REYKJAVÍK Today the old harbour is alive with restaurants, museums, coffee and ice cream shops, but in [...]


HIKE ON MT ESJA One of locals favourite hike is mount Esja. That´s because it´s just a few minutes outside our homes. It has [...]


Open-Water Swimming All my life I’ve had boundless energy. I have always been a nature enthusiast and used every opportunity to come into contact [...]