Reykjavik Outventure

Reykjavik Outventure was founded by Jóhann in 2018. After beeing at sea as a captain and first mate for 17 years, it was time for something new. After countless talks and brainstorming with colorful characters at the trawler about the trips of their dreams, an idea was born. Johann soon got Kristinn with him and together they made Reykjavik Outventure what it is today.

Reykjavik Outventure is a family-owned tour company with a focus on creating high-quality experiences for people who visit Iceland. With our small group tours, guests at Reykjavik Outventure can enjoy personalized experiences where they can visit the best spots and get a real taste of Iceland with a fun local guide. We have a huge heart and an even greater sense of humor at Reykjavik Outventure. This is why we are all about offering unique personal experiences and opportunities while sharing a lot of laughter with our travellers.

Everyone who has had the pleasure of touring Iceland with Reykjavik Outventure has lovely stories to tell, translating into a reliable reputation in the tourism industry. As members of the European Tourism Association (ETOA), we are committed to enabling a sustainable environment in ways that make Iceland appealing for all visitors. We are also a fully licensed company working as members of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF) to actively promote their slogan of “Professionalism in Travel and Tourism.”

Our tours

Every tour by Reykjavik Outventure is a product of hard work and attention to detail. We painstakingly design every trip to ensure that you visit the best places and see the most popular spots in Iceland. It’s more than just putting together a group of people to move around the country as we are heavily invested in the process. Our first love is Icelandic nature, and it is our pleasure to share this with you the way we know how to.

During every tour, we take you on a jolly ride with stories about nature and culture. We are not talking about boring talks, but stories woven in a way that catches your attention from start to finish. Even better, our experience with tours in Iceland means that we have been able to discover some hidden gems over the years. We are only too happy to share them with you in our efforts to make this experience as unforgettable as possible. So, while you’re walking at the edge of a volcano, tasting local delicacies in a Viking house, taking a dip in one of the many hot springs in Iceland or going glacier hiking, you know that it doesn’t stop here. There is always better with Reykjavik Outventure.

Our Partnerships

Being a small, family-owned tour operator, we understand the need to be a part of associations that share our love for Iceland and willingness to show it to the world. Therefore, we are a registered travel company authorized by the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF).

We are also proud members of the European Tourism Association (ETOA), whose goal is to promote professionalism among all members.

We firmly believe that whatever is worth doing at all must be done right. In partnership with these associations, we continue to work on putting our best foot forward at all times.

We operate private trips and scheduled day trips from Reykjavik to different parts of Iceland where the magic happens.

With the alliances we have formed over the years, you can be sure that we have the perfect itinerary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Private Tours and Trip Planning

At Reykjavik Outventure, a lot of thoughts and planning goes into every tour as we believe in giving only the best experiences. We pride ourselves on our premium services that reflect our personal touch. With our expert knowledge and personalized services, we can share the love of all things Iceland while giving you exactly what you need. So, if you need a fully personalized private trip itinerary, Reykjavik Outventure will be only too happy to make that happen. With our numerous private tour options and small group tours, we are also willing to advise you on which would be perfect for your touring needs. We also have family-friendly trips that can be planned many days in advance, with details to make your tour a spectacular one. Feel free to check out our tours to decide which works best for you.

To give you the full experience, we design all our private trips in partnership with guest houses and selected hotels with impressive ratings. At Reykjavik Outventure, we pay attention to their level of comfort, locations, and affordability to ensure that your budget still gives you the best quality. Our local guides are the best at what they do. They will ensure your safety during different activities, including snowmobiling and ice caving. If there is anything we can assure you of, it is that booking with Reykjavik Outventure gives you an automatic ticket to an experience of a lifetime in a friendly and safe environment.

Scheduled Small Group Departures

We have specialized small group tours that run daily to different parts of the country, and you can check them here. Our vehicles are just the right size to sit in comfortably for a small group size of twelve people. We have our dedicated glacier tours where you can hike up one of the many remarkable glaciers in Iceland.
Our sightseeing tours are also complete with visits to ice caves and the chance to see the beautiful northern lights in winter. These are just a few of what awaits you at Reykjavik Outventure with our experienced local guides.


Family Friendly

Kids are not left out of the fun as well. You are welcome to seek out the magic of Iceland with your friends and family, no matter their ages. This makes the tour as unique as possible, as you will feel like you are in the company of a small group of friends. We are excited to take you on tours that you would be proud to join with your friends and family. Even first-timers are welcome, including for glacier hikes.

We have experienced guides who will always be alert to walk you through the process and help you with the necessary tips to stay safe. Your little ones can also be a part of our tours as we will be willing to create the perfect itinerary for their age groups.

Reykjavik Outventure’s Team

Jóhann THE Viking

Owner & CEO II

Jóhann or Jói is a funny guy who speaks a lot (in a good way) and loves telling stories. He’s very open, although he thinks of himself as being shy. His hair has started to fall out but he doesn´t mind, so it´s alright to stare. A good guy who enjoys swimming in the – 2°C ocean in all weather conditions and plays football (real football: soccer). He eats red meat for every meal (even breakfast) and is always up for an adventure!
Jóhann used to be a fisherman from the age of 11. He went to the Navigation School in Iceland and learned to become a captain on ships. He is a father to two children and takes care of all the marketing and sales at Reykjavik Outventure. 

Kristinn THE silver fox

Manager, guide and co-owner

You have heard the saying “been there, done that and bought the T-shirt”. Kristinn has actually done that. There is almost nothing he has not done.
He is trying to be a silver fox, but he can only grow a few grey hairs in his beard. But he wants people to call him the fox.
Kristinn has a degree in project management and used to be the manager of Iceland’s most famous Viking metal band, Skálmöld
Kiddi the silver fox likes to jog 20km every day in all weather conditions. He is a real Viking. If you will ever take a private tour with us, you will meet this beautiful person. He takes care of most of our private tours.
He is an awesome friend and you can always count on him.

The KINg baltasar

Decision maker

Baltasar is the son of Jóhann. He is the Decision maker at Reykjavik Outventure and all ideas and decisions have to go through him. If he smiles, that means yes. If he starts to cry, that also means yes. Luckily, he always smiles. At Reykjavik Outventure’s office, he is called the King. That´s because he always wants to let us hold him. You could get lucky while in Iceland and meet ‘the King’. It is hard not to smile when around this ol’ toothless guy 🙂 
Baltasar has a degree from the University of Iceland in being the most adorable baby in the world. He can be adorable in so many ways.


bookings & head of office

Margrét is the great woman of Kristinn. Kristinn would not be able to grow any silver if it wasn’t for her. She makes these silvers grow. She also fits perfectly into the ADHD team we are. Full of energy, adventures, stories and wisdom.
She is a bit like her man – been there done that type of person. She has a massive experience in different areas which has helped our beautiful team a lot.
Margrét answers your emails, puts together the pickup lists, and answers the phone. She also takes care of all the bookings. She is an extremely organised person (especially after coffee binging) and keeps everything under control at the office.
Sometimes she goes on the field to guide and you will be lucky to have her there with you. 

gunnar the 2nd Fox

Our northern lights tour guide

Gunnar is not only a great fox – he is also a great guide. This man has guided all the most important people who have visited Iceland, and even the most famous Bollywood star. When you meet him at first, he may look like Rambo, but when you get to know him more, he starts to look more and more like Donnie Brasco.
This is one of the most experienced guide in Iceland’s guide fleet, and has only made Reykjavik Outventure stronger. He has taken courses in safety and survival training many times, and takes great pictures with his awesome camera on our Northern Lights tours. 
If you join a tour with him, make sure to put your makeup on, because you want to be in one of his photos. 

Kristinn II

Pinocchio our head guide & glacier guide

Have you seen the animation Pinocchio?
Gosi is him in real life! When he lies, his nose gets HUGE! So if you go on tour with him, his nose is usally really big. It all depends a little bit on how big the lie is.
He is our head guide and a certified glacier guide. He has taken courses in safety and survival training many times.
Pinocchio used to be a fisherman during the night, but a super guide during the day. Now he is always a super guide. He knows everything about everything… well, at least he thinks so… He is a good friend and a reliable one. He can do a bit of everything and you can say he is a multitasker. He is a handsome young guy.


City walk guide

Do you know the famous Icelandic football player, Eidur Gudjohnsen? He played with Barcelona, Chelsea and other big clubs.
Well, this is not him. They are not even related a little bit. But he is the son of the famous athlete Kristinn the Silver Fox. He looks exactly like his father, but has much better manners.
Today he’s studying psychology. One of the hardest degrees you can get in Iceland’s universities.
He was the youngest marathon runner to run the famous Laugavegur marathon. He even was faster than his father.
This boy has a heart of gold, and you will be lucky to go on a hike with him or our Reykjavik city walk. 

Sölvi YogI

Driver guide

Sölvi is the sweetest person in the whole world. He always has a huge smile on his face. A day with Sölvi just can’t possibly go wrong as you can’t dislike the guy.
He is a yoga teacher and is sometimes a vegan and the next day a carnivore – he just can’t decide which of the two he wants to be. But that´s ok. We still love the guy!
This guy is the opposite of the rest of Reykjavik Outventure’s ADHD family. He is calm as a turtle, but everyone else in our team are hyperactive like a 10 year old.

Omar The captain

The Northern Lights super guide

Omar is the kind of guy that thinks he knows everything. Most of the time he does. But when he is wrong, he is not able to admit it. He always says there are two rules at my home: 1. Omar is always right. 2. If Omar is not right, take a look at rule one.

Omar is the most loyal friend and staff you can ever have! He is ready to anything for his friends, and always does more than he’s asked to. So he is the perfect guide. A tour with him cannot possibly go wrong because you have so much fun with him! He takes care of our Northern Lights tours and is our weather specialist. Omar used to be Johann´s captain back in the day and was captain and first mate on fishing ships before he became a guide.



Before we met Fee and just read and heard her name, we thought she was Asian. Then it turns out she is actually German. So Fee is our Asian German awesome driver guide.

Fee, or as you should pronounce it, Fey, is one of the best driver guides in Iceland! Not only is she known for her extremely good driving skills (read TripAdvisor) but also her smile and joyfulness at all times. Fee is a certified diver guide and has been working as one for numerous years in Iceland.

Fee has the warmest heart and we are absolutely thrilled to have her in our team!

Quality service delivery

At Reykjavik Outventure, we place a premium on quality. We feel immense satisfaction when we listen to the visitors talk about how much they loved the tours. This is the hallmark of our existence: to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction with experiences that go beyond your expectations. We are always working towards being better.

The best local guides

Major contributors to the unforgettable experiences of our clients from different parts of the world are our local guides. We believe in creating a friendly and fun atmosphere. Our local guides are always ready with a smile and extensive knowledge of Iceland to wow you. We only work with guides that are willing to give you an authentic experience using their in-depth local knowledge. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in their enthusiasm to provide you with the best of Iceland.

A personal touch

Reykjavik Outventure creates your home away from home. From the first moment we get in touch with you until when you are safely home again, we are with you every step of the way. We believe that adding that necessary personal touch goes a long way in giving you a relaxing trip, where you have no worries.

We take out all the stress

We understand how stressful it is to organize your holiday. From making sure that all your documents are checked to making reservations early enough, it could take all the fun out of your trip. However, we are here to do the work for you. We save you the time and effort by getting your itinerary on the right track. Ready to make your dream holiday a reality? Reykjavik Outventure can make it happen with our tailored packages to suit your travel needs.

You’re in good hands

You can rest easy knowing that help will always be available when you need it. We will respond to all inquiries as fast as possible and handle all unforeseen situations to the best of our knowledge.

Licensed tour operator

Reykjavik Outventure is a fully licensed tour operator and travel company approved by the relevant local authorities. We are also members of various travel industry associations that hold us up to high standards. Therefore, we have put all things in place to ensure that Iceland remains your top destination when it’s time to have some fun.
Our customer reviews also give you a firsthand account of what it means to book a tour with Reykjavik Outventure.

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